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Bitcoin Revolution Review

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Bitcoin Revolution Review – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

Today, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies you can buy or use for transactions online, but that’s not the best way to use crypto. Trading crypto with bots is a famous practice, as many investors are smiling all the way to the bank because these Bitcoin trading platforms exist.

Although the Bitcoin industry has been bedeviled by the increased cases of fraudulent cryptocurrency trading platforms, this has brought about the critical need for the Bitcoin Revolution review.

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As one of its claims, It is one of the most profit-oriented Bitcoin bots worldwide. The automated crypto trading software claims a whopping success rate of 95% and over $1,500 daily profits.

When you take your time to go through my Bitcoin Revolution review, it will reveal how legit these claims are. It covers the software’s security, performance, and markets and answers the critical questions about whether the Bitcoin revolution is legit or a scam.

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What is Bitcoin Revolution App?

Bitcoin Revolution is a cryptocurrency trading software that generates some profits by buying and selling cryptocurrencies on your behalf. The bot reportedly has a success rate of up to 95%, meaning it can make users rich quickly.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading platform employs the latest technology, artificial intelligence, and trading innovations to carry out automated trading on behalf of the users.

According to my personal experience and other Bitcoin Revolution reviews, it is proven to be highly profitable and extremely useful for users.

Interestingly, the Bitcoin Revolution website claims that it is free to use. There is no registration fee, and users can allegedly start making money immediately after signing up.

The ultimate edge for using a Bitcoin Revolution account is to ensure your trading journey is efficient and effortless. To achieve this, Bitcoin Revolution software has been developed to handle your cryptocurrency trading on autopilot.

With an easy-to-use interface, Bitcoin Revolution is ideal for newbies and experienced traders who are new and don’t have time for day trading. Also, with the same user-friendly interface, the platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. Even non-internet savvy users can supposedly use the software without any problems.

Bitcoin Revolution employs complex robotic algorithms to analyze the cryptocurrency market 24-7. With the data gathered, Bitcoin Revolution makes critical and calculated trading decisions on your behalf.

Then Bitcoin Code uses its integrated artificial intelligence to execute profitable trades and increase your gains successfully. Bitcoin Revolution is said to be available in over 150 countries. So regardless of where you live, you should supposedly be able to sign up and start trading.

As stated above, this Bitcoin Revolution review will include everything you need to know to make an informed decision on whether you should sign up or not. After all, it’s free.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Revolution is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Bitcoin Revolution Summary.

  1. Automated trading: Available.
  2. Official Bitcoin Revolution Website:
  3. Robot type: Bitcoin robot.
  4. Scam or Legit: Legit.
  5. Success Rate: 95%.
  6. Account fee: Zero.
  7. Software fee: Zero.
  8. Deposit and Withdrawal fees: Zero.
  9. Minimum deposit: $250.
  10. Trading fee: 2% commission on profitable transactions.
  11. Withdrawal speed: 24 hours.
  12. Supported fiat currencies: Zero.
  13. Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana, etc.
  14. The number of supported cryptocurrencies: 23.
  15. Leverage: 1000:1.
  16. Demo Account: Available.
  17. Bitcoin Revolution Mobile App: Available.
  18. Customer supported: Email, Web form, Chat.
  19. Regulations: Available, CySEC-regulated brokers.
  20. Verification required: KYC.

How Does Bitcoin Revolution Work?

Bitcoin Revolution was developed on an exclusive AI-based trading algorithm. The algorithm has been trained with years of market data, allowing it to recognize price and trend patterns that can result in a profitable trade.

From another school of thought, Bitcoin Revolution allegedly works by taking advantage of minor price discrepancies across different exchanges. When the algorithm identifies a trade signal, it gives an order to buy or sell cryptocurrency in a millisecond.

When the trading algorithm’s price target starts to fizzle, the bot will issue an instruction to close out your position. At that moment, all the funds in the trade, plus accumulated profits, are returned to your Bitcoin Revolution trading account, where they are available for subsequent transactions.

No practical supervision is required for Bitcoin Revolution on your part as a trader. The app can run on autopilot 24-7 and claims a 95% success rate under market conditions. That claimed success rate is hard for me to verify right now. I want you to remember that all trading effort involves risk, and when you use leverage, you increase your potential for trading losses.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading platform is said to be connected to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges via APIs. These APIs allow the bot to receive real-time exchange data and make trades accordingly.

According to the Bitcoin Revolution official website, the software can execute up to 0.01 seconds faster than the competition. This supposedly gives it a significant advantage in terms of being able to buy and sell at the most reasonable times.

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Revolution is an automated bot that allegedly makes money for you on autopilot. With this feature, you must set up your account and let the bot do its job. You don’t need prior trading experience or knowledge to use Bitcoin Revolution.

The Bitcoin Revolution website has a demo video that supposedly shows how easy it is to set up an account and start making money. In the demo, a user is shown signing up for an account and depositing $250. The user is then shown how to set up the bot and start trading.

As a beginner or an experienced trader who wants to test a trading strategy, you can use the demo account to practice the algorithm’s parameters. Customizing the settings can help improve the algorithm or make the bot trade more or less aggressively.

Bitcoin Revolution Pros and Cons.

Bitcoin Revolution Pros.

  1. Bitcoin Revolution is straightforward to use.
  2. Your funds and data are secured by SSL security and GDPR.
  3. You can either trade manually or automatically.
  4. Customer support is 24-7, always on time.
  5. Costs are transparent, with no hidden charges.
  6. You can personalize trading settings at will.
  7. Bitcoin Revolution supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
  8. Unlike others, Bitcoin Revolution has a mobile app.
  9. Bitcoin Revolution trading system is fast and easy to set up.
  10. Demo account for beginners and experts who want to test strategies.

Bitcoin Revolution Cons.

  1. Bitcoin Revolution’s owners are faceless and nameless.
  2. The required initial deposit is too high for some newbies.
  3. It has no social trading features.

Bitcoin Revolution - main features with

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit or a Scam?

Technology is evolving rapidly, and there are numerous options when you try to find an appropriate crypto trading platform that suits your needs. The number of trading platforms in the market can be overwhelming and daunting to choose which one to trust and trade with.

This will make you wonder, is Bitcoin Revolution legit or a scam? That question was what ignited the research on this Bitcoin Revolution review. And I found the answer confirming that Bitcoin Revolution is a legitimate and safe cryptocurrency trading robot, not a scam.

It is comprehensible that with the rate of internet scams, especially when it comes to the cryptocurrency market, it is hard to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. But as far as Bitcoin Revolution is concerned, you can rest assured that you are trading with legitimate automated trading software.

CySEC licenses Bitcoin Revolution’s partner brokers, they will help you manage your trading account and guide you through your trading ordeals in the evaporative cryptocurrency market. Your finance and data safety is a priority, and to ensure you’re safe, your data is protected by an encrypted SSL and HTTPS certificate on the Bitcoin Revolution trading system.

Dealing with numerous cryptocurrencies may be risky, especially for a new trader, even when the trading is executed on your behalf. You usually have mind-boggling concerns or questions, which is why the Bitcoin Revolution customer service is in place to ensure you get firsthand answers to your questions. It operates 24-7 to meet customers’ needs around the clock for those in various time zones, and you are never in the dark.

My Bitcoin Revolution review shows that it is a legit automated trading platform. It has a user-friendly interface, and the features are straightforward to use. The demo account is an excellent way to test the bot’s performance before using it with real money.

That said, I believe that Bitcoin Revolution is a legit platform that can help you make money through cryptocurrency trading.

Additionally, there are boatloads of online testimonials and positive reviews from users who have tested and have been satisfied with Bitcoin Revolution’s automated trading software and the profits they made from using it. Read on as the rest of the Bitcoin Revolution review will cover other aspects that confirm the legitimacy of the software.

Who is The Founder of the Bitcoin Revolution?

Based on the report gathered online, Bitcoin Revolution was established by a team of professional crypto traders and trading robot developers with years of experience in their relevant professions.

The software’s fame continues to soar, especially since the crypto boom in 2017. Up to this point, the founders of the Bitcoin Revolution claim it is the leader in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of its state-of-the-art technology.

Additionally, they build this bot with cutting-edge technologies to accommodate all levels of traders. Besides, Bitcoin Revolution developers are doing their best to ensure that the bot stays ahead of the latest market trends so that investors and traders can maximize their trading experience.

The team is achieving this by reportedly tracking the crypto market and improving Bitcoin Revolution based on their outcomes.

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☑ Bitcoin Revolution is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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How to Register for a Bitcoin Revolution Account.

If you’re entirely new and don’t have an account, I will show you how to create an account and possibly begin trading immediately in this Bitcoin Revolution review. The Bitcoin Revolution registration process is pretty straightforward and completely free. You don’t need any trading experience to open a Bitcoin Revolution account. The steps are as follows:

Register for the Bitcoin Revolution Account on the Website.

Registration for Bitcoin Revolution account can be done on their website. The process is easy and safe. Just type in the accurate information to avoid issues during verification. Bitcoin Revolution is strict in handling all users’ data confidentially.

Make a Minimum Deposit of $250.

You’ll be required to make an initial deposit of $250 to your Bitcoin Revolution trading account, which is the minimum deposit you can make. When you deposit funds, the brokers can take positions on your behalf in the market. All deposited funds through the platform are facilitated by their partner brokers.

These Bitcoin Revolution’s partner brokers are bound to ensure strict deposit protection procedures. As an investor, you can deposit funds with a credit/debit card, wire transfer, e-wallets, and crypto-wallets.

Demo Account Facility.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading app has a completely free demo function to help you get your hands dirty before live trading. The demo feature is intuitive and offers users a live trading account simulation.

The platform also offers trading tutorials, which are demonstrated in layperson’s terms and are straightforward for new traders to understand. I advise you to study the educational materials and use the demo account before starting live trading.

Live Trading Account.

You don’t have to demo trade before going live with Bitcoin Revolution software; it’s just advisable, especially if you’re a complete newbie. Live trading is straightforward if you’ve already practiced with the demo account.

Use your Bitcoin Revolution login to access the trading dashboard, then adjust the risk management settings for the trading robot and trading parameters, don’t gamble your money by setting it too high. It’s best to start low and scale as you go along.

Choose the cryptocurrency pair to trade from the multiple cryptocurrencies with real money. Instruct the Bitcoin Revolution robot on how to execute the trades based on your trading strategy.

Bitcoin Revolution - How to start trading with

Bitcoin Revolution Key Features.

Bitcoin Revolution offers a range of spectacular features for its traders. A few of them have been highlighted below. These key features make trading with Bitcoin Revolution a fantastic option to consider on your trading journey.

Below are the features that make using Bitcoin Revolution preferred to other trading platforms on the market.

Automated Trading.

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading software that uses complex algorithms to monitor the crypto market trends and make predictions. The trading robot then executes these predictions on behalf of the user.

Accurate Predictions.

One of the most significant claims of the Bitcoin Revolution is its ability to make accurate predictions. The team behind this crypto trading bot has done an excellent job of developing software that makes accurate predictions.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading software is said to have an accuracy level of up to 99%, which means that for every 100 trades, the trading robot will get it right about 99 times, which is pretty impressive.

Trade 14 Cryptocurrencies.

In my Bitcoin Revolution review, I discovered that the trading software supports the trading of 14 major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, NEO, and more.

These cryptocurrencies can be traded as CFDs in pairs with various fiat currencies, including GBP, USD, EUR, and JPY. You can also trade altcoins in CFDs against Bitcoin. Therefore, Bitcoin Revolution has a collection of scores of markets where you can place trades.

Free Demo Account.

One of the features I find intriguing about Bitcoin Revolution is the availability of a demo account for trading cryptocurrencies with virtual funds. The demo account is free and comes loaded with enormous virtual money.

You can use this virtual money to place trades on the Bitcoin Revolution platform without risking your real money. This feature will come in handy, especially for beginners who want to understand how the platform works before live trading.

The demo account is instrumental to your success because you can use demo trading to practicalize the algorithm’s settings. As a professional trader, you can also use the demo mode to test one trading strategy or another.

Bitcoin Revolution Customer Support Service.

The availability of excellent customer support service is crucial for any digital business. I thank the team behind Bitcoin Revolution for putting together a perfect customer service system.

I had a few questions while writing my Bitcoin Revolution review, so I contacted the customer service team. The agent who attended to me was friendly and answered all my questions satisfactorily.

You can contact the customer service team via email, telephone, or live chat; they are available 24-7. I sent an email message to their customer service early on a Saturday morning and received a reply less than 30 minutes later.

Leverage Trading.

Bitcoin Revolution offers its users up to 1:1000 leverage when trading cryptocurrencies. Leverage is a risk management tool that you can use to increase your potential profits on a trade.

It does this by allowing you to place trades with more money than you have in your account. However, you should know that leveraging can also increase your potential losses.

Therefore, it is essential that you only use leverage when you are confident about the market conditions and your trading strategy. Bitcoin Revolution app makes it easy to change your leverage settings with just a few clicks.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Revolution is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Minimum Deposit.

Another significant advantage of Bitcoin Revolution is its low minimum deposit requirement of only $250. This is much lower than the minimum deposit requirements of many other crypto trading robots, usually around $1000.

This low minimum deposit requirement makes the Bitcoin Revolution platform accessible to a broader range of people who want to trade cryptocurrencies. It also means that you can start trading with a minimum amount of money and gradually grow your account as you become more confident and booming.

User-friendly Interface.

The Bitcoin Revolution platform has an excellent user interface that is both user-friendly and intuitive. The platform’s design makes it easy to navigate, and all the features are clearly laid out.

You can easily find your way around the platform and place trades in just a few clicks. The interface is also well-organized and uncluttered, which makes it easy to focus on your trading.

Overall, I was impressed with the user interface of Bitcoin Revolution, and I think it is one of the finest in the industry.

Manual Trading is Available.

Some trading robots only offer automated trading but no manual trading option, which means you have no control over your trades. However, Bitcoin Revolution offers manual and automated trading options, giving you more control over your transactions.

You can place trades yourself with manual trading according to your own analysis and market predictions. This is an exciting feature for experienced traders who want more control over their transactions.

You can also use the trading parameters to switch between manual and automated trading at any time, which is a great feature that gives you the flexibility to trade in the way that suits you best.

Low Trading Commission.

Another advantage of using Bitcoin Revolution is its low trading commissions. The commission is only 2%, which is much lower than the average charged by many crypto trading platforms.

This low commission means that you can keep more of your profits and make it easier to grow your account quickly.

High Success Rate.

Bitcoin Revolution claims to have a success rate of up to 95%, which means that the trading signals generated by the software are accurate and profitable in around 95% of cases.

Although I couldn’t confirm if this claim is valid, I believe it is possible based on my experience with the platform and the results I have seen. Apart from that, many of my go-to sources and credible crypto experts I know confirm this claim to be valid.

I have also seen other users report high success rates, so I believe that the Bitcoin Revolution appears to be one of the most accurate and profitable bitcoin robots available today.

Overall, I was very impressed with Bitcoin Revolution, and I believe it is a legitimate and profitable crypto trading platform. It offers many features and advantages that make it an excellent choice for experienced and beginner traders.

If you want a trading platform to trade cryptocurrencies, I highly recommend Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform Fees.

Bitcoin Revolution doesn’t charge any hidden fees; the only price you will be charged is the 2% commission on your profits. This low commission is much lower than what most other crypto trading platforms charge.

Preferred Payment Method.

You can deposit on Bitcoin Revolution through a plethora of options, including a credit/debit card, bank wire transfer, and Bitcoin. I prefer to use a credit/debit card because it is faster and more convenient.

Fast Withdrawal Process.

I was also pleased that Bitcoin Revolution has a fast and efficient withdrawal process. I requested a withdrawal of my profits, and the money got into my account within 24 hours.

The withdrawal process was straightforward, and I didn’t encounter any problems.

Even traders using the Bitcoin Revolution app testify of a seamless and quick withdrawal process. According to the users, they got into their local bank account within 24 hours after submitting a withdrawal request.

CySEC Partnered Brokers.

Bitcoin Revolution has partnered with some of the world’s leading and most reputable brokers. These brokers are all CySEC-regulated, so they must follow strict rules and regulations.

This gives you an extra layer of protection and ensures your money is safe. You will be attached to one of these Bitcoin Revolution-regulated brokers.

Trade Simultaneously.

Another great feature of Bitcoin Revolution is that it allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. This is an excellent feature as it diversifies your risk and will enable you to make more profits.

I was able to trade four different cryptocurrencies simultaneously during my Bitcoin Revolution review, and I believe this is a great way to maximize your profits.

Backstaging Bitcoin Revolution.

When I thought Bitcoin Revolution had done enough, I found the Backstaging feature. This is a remarkable highlight of the Bitcoin Revolution platform that lets you set your trading strategies and principles based on trends and historical performances of the crypto market.

This allows traders to adjust their trading parameters in the best way possible to make more profits.

Bitcoin Revolution - App trading by

Bitcoin Revolution Review – The Final Verdict.

Indeed, Bitcoin Revolution lets users of any background trade cryptocurrencies with an artificial intelligence-powered robot. Even though the software will execute trades on your behalf, you should be careful with how you treat the marketing claims.

From my research, no celebrity has endorsed Bitcoin Revolution. While you can make some decent money with Bitcoin Revolution, don’t expect to get rich overnight with it.

I advise beginners of Bitcoin Revolution to practice with the demo account feature before they begin trading with real money. Take time to understand the system before you go haywire with your finances.

You can program the robot to carry out trades based on your trading strategy, which means you can use the robot to execute trades 24-7 without being online.

Want to give Bitcoin Revolution a shot? Sign up now to start automated crypto trading. Invest what you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does Bitcoin Revolution Work as Described?

The platform automatically trades cryptocurrencies without your intervention, but it is not 100% perfect as it claims, which is why you have to be sparingly involved. It would help if you also learned about it to administer your trade by adjusting your trade parameters and using the right trading strategies.

Do Any Celebrity Endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

In my research, I found out that Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, and other celebrities on TV have not spoken about Bitcoin Revolution.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam; it is legitimate, considering my evaluations online throughout the research. However, unlike others, it is trade with care.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Safe?

The platform is, indeed, safe and secure. Bitcoin Revolution uses a global-standard security mechanism to safeguard traders’ valuable and confidential data in the system. Withdrawing money at any time from the Bitcoin Revolution is easy.

Do I Pay to Use Bitcoin Revolution?

No, you don’t have to. Bitcoin Revolution is entirely free; you only need to pay 2% on successful trades.

Is There a Bitcoin Revolution Alternative?

Yes, there are a few other bitcoin robots available. Aside from the Bitcoin Revolution review, I researched and wrote other bot reviews in case you don’t want Bitcoin Revolution.

What is Bitcoin Revolution Cost?

There are no costs to using Bitcoin Revolution, but the broker might request a small fee to process your withdrawal. However, not all brokers charge this cost.

Is the Bitcoin Revolution Fake?

No, Bitcoin Revolution is not fake. Bitcoin Revolution is an exciting platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to place trades on behalf of its users. Meanwhile, it is a wild web; some fraudsters have created several clones of Bitcoin Revolution, which is why you should be careful.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Easy to Use?

Of course, I’ve said it before, even if you are a non-internet savvy user, you will love the user-friendly interface at first sight. In a nutshell, it is straightforward to use.

How Many Trades Can I Execute Daily with Bitcoin Revolution?

No limit. The number of trades you can execute daily with Bitcoin Revolution is unlimited. Simply put, you can carry out as many transactions as you like daily.

Which Country Does Bitcoin Revolution Works?

Bitcoin Revolution works in about 200 countries worldwide, so it will likely work in your country. Some countries where the Bitcoin Revolution works are: Australia, India, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Kenya, Ireland, Ecuador, the Philippines, South Africa, Canada, Italy, Russia, etc.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Time-Intensive?

You won’t have to gawk on your computer analyzing all the complex crypto market data with Bitcoin Revolution. You just have to spend a few minutes daily to administer the operation; the software will execute trades on your behalf based on the strategies.

How Much Can I Invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

The sky is the limit; you can invest any amount. But you cannot go lesser than $250.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Opened to Everybody?

Of course. Bitcoin Revolution does not discriminate like others; it is currently available in about 200 countries.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Revolution is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Are There Any Bitcoin Revolution Fees?

Not at all. Bitcoin Revolution is 100% transparent with all its fees. Apart from the initial deposit of $250, plus the 2% commission on profits earned.

How Can I Withdraw my Money from Bitcoin Revolution?

You have to fill in a withdrawal request to make a withdrawal. Once submitted, Bitcoin Revolution will send the money to your local bank account in 24 hours.

Is there a Mobile App for Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution offers a mobile app for the Google Play Store, but not yet for Apple iOS users. iPhone users must access the platform via their web browsers to trade on the go.

Is There a Maximum Profit from Bitcoin Revolution?

Not really; there is no maximum amount of profit you can earn on Bitcoin Revolution. You are at liberty to generate as much as you can.

What Should I Do If I’m Losing Money with Bitcoin Revolution?

Loss is relatively inevitable, and you must prepare to embrace it positively when it occurs. Ask questions, test trading strategies in demo mode, learn from your mistakes, reduce risks, and adjust your parameters to meet your needs.

Conclusively, from the research output I gathered in this Bitcoin Revolution review, I confirmed that the app would bring an excellent user experience with its unique superpowers. Bitcoin Revolution unveils a new world of possibilities to every user, new or old eager to make bank with a cryptocurrency trading robot. Among the Bitcoin Revolution reviews online, my study has covered all the vital parts to help you elevate your trading skill to a whole new level.

However, I believe that as you’re entering into the crypto market, Bitcoin Revolution will be your best decision. I recommend you harness the market’s full potential and leverage Bitcoin Revolution to help you maximize your crypto returns. I also hope that my Bitcoin Revolution review has guided you in understanding more about how to trade with the Bitcoin Revolution crypto trading platform.


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