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Coin Kong Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated: August 31, 2023

Coin Kong Trader is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to trade digital assets on behalf of users. The robot was designed to remove the complexities from crypto trading and make it accessible to both novice and experienced traders.

Coin Kong Trader aims to streamline the trading process through the use of sophisticated trading bots. These bots are programmed to analyze massive amounts of market data, identify profitable trading opportunities, and execute trades based on predefined parameters. By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning, Coin Kong Trader can continuously improve its trading performance over time.

The best choice
☑ Coin Kong Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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The platform was founded by a team of finance, technology, and trading professionals with decades of combined industry experience. Their goal was to develop an intuitive platform that could level the playing field for retail traders looking to capitalize on the lucrative crypto market.

Since its launch, Coin Kong Trader has attracted thousands of users across multiple countries. The platform’s commitment to transparency, security, and customer support has contributed to its rapid growth and positive reputation.

The Relevance in the Crypto Trading Landscape

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity as investors seek to benefit from the market’s significant upside potential. However, crypto trading also comes with substantial risks due to high volatility. This is where trading bots like Coin Kong Trader come into the picture.

Coin Kong Trader Review by robscape

Automated trading systems are especially useful for executing trades 24/7 and taking advantage of short-term market movements. Unlike human traders, bots can systematically follow trading plans without being influenced by emotions or biases. They are also capable of processing huge amounts of market data that would overwhelm individual traders.

By automating elements of the trading process, platforms like Coin Kong Trader make crypto trading more efficient and accessible. At the same time, human oversight and customization ensure that trading aligns with each user’s goals and risk tolerance. In an inherently risky environment like crypto, having robust tools for risk management is essential.

Overall, Coin Kong Trader‘s relevance stems from its ability to simplify crypto trading and help users diversify their portfolios through algorithmic trading. The platform aims to provide traders of all skill levels with an intuitive gateway into the exciting world of crypto investing.

Understanding the Platform

To use Coin Kong Trader effectively, it’s important to understand its core features and supported cryptocurrencies. This knowledge empowers users to get the most value out of the platform.

Core Features of Coin Kong Trader

Coin Kong Trader comes packed with user-friendly features to enhance the trading experience:

  • Automated Trading – The platform’s intelligent bots execute trades automatically based on technical indicators and market conditions. This hands-free approach is less time consuming than manual trading.
  • Backtesting – Users can backtest trading strategies using historical data to gauge performance before going live. This provides an objective evaluation of strategy viability.
  • Algorithmic Trading – Prebuilt trading algorithms automate analytical tasks and trade execution, allowing for efficient and emotionless trading.
  • Risk Management – Stop loss and take profit tools help manage risks. Traders can customize settings to fit their risk tolerance.
  • Portfolio Management – Get a bird’s eye view of your trading performance across multiple assets via detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Mobile Accessibility – Manage trades and monitor positions from iOS and Android apps. This allows for on-the-go access.
  • Customer Support – Get timely support via live chat, email, or phone. The team aims to resolve queries efficiently.

By combining automation with risk management tools and support, Coin Kong Trader simplifies crypto trading for both new and seasoned traders.

Types of Cryptocurrencies Supported

Coin Kong Trader supports trading of 100+ cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Major coins – BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH etc. These established coins offer stability.
  • Altcoins – EOS, ADA, TRX, NEO etc. Altcoins can deliver higher returns despite being riskier.
  • Stablecoins – USDT, USDC, BUSD etc. Stablecoins allow traders to escape volatility.

The wide variety gives users multiple options to diversify their crypto holdings. Instead of restricting traders to a few assets, the platform allows you to capitalize on a range of market opportunities.

The best choice
☑ Coin Kong Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Financial Requirements

Before jumping into trading, it’s vital to understand Coin Kong Trader‘s financial requirements for getting started.

Minimum Deposit and Fees

  • Minimum deposit is $250 – This relatively low amount makes the platform accessible to most.
  • No trading fees – Coin Kong Trader does not charge commissions on trades. Users enjoy fee-free trading.
  • No account fees – There are no maintenance fees or recurring account charges. Cost efficient trading.
  • No deposit/withdrawal fees – Deposits and withdrawals are completely free. Convenient funding of accounts.

By eliminating fees, Coin Kong Trader ensures affordable crypto trading for users. There are no hidden costs eating into your profits.

Withdrawal Timeframe

  • Withdrawal processing time is 24 hours – Withdrawal requests are processed by the platform quickly.
  • Withdrawals can take 1-3 days to reflect in wallets/accounts – The time for processed funds to reach your wallet or account depends on the payment method. Bank transfers tend to be slower than e-wallets.

The relatively fast withdrawal processing by Coin Kong Trader ensures traders have access to their funds when required. Just factor in external transfer times as well based on your payment method.

trade with Coin Kong Trader

Trading Options

Coin Kong Trader aims to cater to both casual and serious traders through various trading options.

Leverage and Trading Limits

  • Up to 1:500 leverage available – For experienced traders, leverage amplifies potential gains substantially. However, losses can be magnified as well when trading with borrowed funds.
  • Customizable leverage per asset – Choose conservative 1:5 leverage for Bitcoin or aggressive 1:500 leverage for altcoins based on risk appetite. Adjustable leverage provides flexibility.
  • Position size limits for risk management – Limits ensure no single trade grows too large relative to account size. Prevents blow ups.

The availability of leverage allows for more aggressive trading strategies. However, new traders should use leverage conservatively until they better understand market risks.

Spot and Margin Trading

Users can choose between spot trading and margin trading:

  • Spot trading involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies for immediate settlement. Less risky than margin trading.
  • Margin trading allows you to borrow funds from the platform to amplify position size and potential gains. With increased risk comes increased reward potential.

Having both options available caters to conservative investors along with risk takers. Traders can opt for a mode aligned with personal risk tolerance and strategy.

Security Measures

In crypto, exchange security should be top priority. Coin Kong Trader makes security a focal point through various measures.

Wallet Security

  • Offline cold storage wallets hold majority of user funds offline to minimize hacking risks. A sound preventive measure.
  • Multi signature wallets require multiple sign-offs to process wallet transactions. Enhanced authorization eliminates singular point of failure.
  • Encrypted wallets secure funds with bank-grade AES-256 encryption. Making unauthorized access mathematically impossible.
  • Insurance fund acts as an emergency buffer to cover losses in extremely rare cases of breaches. Provides an added layer of protection.

Coin Kong Trader spares no effort in protecting user funds through robust wallet security and encryption. You can have confidence that your hard earned capital is not at undue risk.

Encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Data encrypted end-to-end prevents any unauthorized access in transit and at rest. Communications remain confidential.
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra identity verification layer when accessing accounts in addition to passwords. Critical accounts protection against credential theft or hacking.
  • Mandatory 2FA for accounts with large balances provides enhanced protection for funds most at risk. An prudent policy to thwart potential attacks.
  • Email and SMS alerts for account access keeps users informed in real time of login attempts. Quickly flag any unknown activity for immediate investigation.

Coin Kong Trader leverages MFA, encryption, and alerts to form a formidable security barrier that would require tremendous effort to circumvent. You can rest easy knowing critical safeguards are in place.

The best choice
☑ Coin Kong Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Regulatory Compliance

As a legitimate trading platform, Coin Kong Trader emphasizes regulatory compliance and security. This builds user trust.

KYC and AML Policies

  • KYC verification required – Users must submit government ID and proof of address to validate identity. Decreases potential for fraud.
  • Source of funds checks ensure users are not laundering illicit money. Maintains platform integrity.
  • Sanctioned countries blocked – Users from countries under international sanctions cannot trade. Prevents dealings with blacklisted entities.
  • AML monitoring utilizes advanced analytics to detect suspicious transactions indicative of money laundering. Critical due diligence to avoid inadvertently abetting criminal activity.

While the verification may seem tedious, know that it protects the platform community from potential bad actors. You can feel confident trading alongside legitimate users who passed the same checks.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Austrac registered – Coin Kong Trader complies with Australian AML/CTF regulations. Provides accountability to a respected regulatory body.
  • EU Licenses – Full regulatory approval to operate across European Union countries. Granted only to vetted, legitimate platforms.
  • ISO 27001 certified – Achieving this respected information security standard demonstrates the platform’s security rigor and procedural maturity.

The willingness to undergo strict evaluations signals that Coin Kong Trader is a credible operator. Regulators award their prestigious licenses only to platforms meeting stringent criteria.

User Experience

Delivering an intuitive user experience is a key focus for Coin Kong Trader. Let’s explore the platform’s interface and features catering to users.

Interface and Usability

  • Simplified dashboard – Key metrics and customizable widgets provide trading insights at a glance.
  • Intuitive navigation – Clean layout with logical menus ensures platform sections are easily accessible. Reduces learning curve.
  • Customizable workspaces – Tailor dashboard layouts and indicators to your preferences. An adaptable workspace aligned to your process.
  • Dark and Light themes – Switch between themes or let the platform automatically adjust based on time of day. Prevents eye strain.
  • Available in 15 languages – platform localized into major global languages. Overcomes language barriers.

Coin Kong Trader focused on balancing accessibility, personalization, and visual appeal in their platform interface. Usability testing and user feedback drive regular improvements as well.

Mobile App and Demo Account

  • Full featured mobile apps provide on-the-go access to trading. Monitor positions and execute trades while traveling or away from your computer.
  • Demo account with virtual funds – Practice risk-free before investing actual capital. Fully mirrors live platform for a true test run.

Catering to mobile users and providing realistic dry runs makes Coin Kong Trader welcoming for newbie traders. Try before you buy instills confidence.

Top feature of Coin Kong Trader

Customer Support

Coin Kong Trader recognizes that responsive customer service is fundamental. Let’s see how they deliver assistance to users.

Availability and Types of Support

  • 24/7 live chat – Get instant answers to questions from chat agents. The fastest way to receive assistance.
  • Email support – Submit in-depth inquiries via email tickets. Agents typically respond within 8 hours.
  • Telephone support – Speak directly to support reps 24/7 via global toll-free numbers.
  • In-platform chatbot provides automated responses to common questions. Quick self-service convenience.
  • Public knowledge base and FAQ contains well organized troubleshooting guides and platform explanations. Encourages self-reliance for convenience.

Coin Kong Trader provides multiple support channels tailored to user preferences and question urgency. Timely, multi-faceted assistance is available when you need it.

User Feedback on Customer Service

Overall, user feedback on Coin Kong Trader customer support is overwhelmingly positive:

  • Knowledgeable agents – Users compliment the support staff for their technical proficiency and ability to thoroughly resolve issues.
  • Prompt response times – Most tickets and live chats are addressed within minutes, even during peak hours. Impressive availability.
  • Professional service – Customers highlight the stellar patience and friendliness of support reps despite dealing with frustrated users.
  • Issue resolution – Support staff earns consistent praise for sticking with users until problems are fully fixed, no matter how complex.
  • Continuous improvement – The team solicits and integrates customer feedback to constantly enhance the support experience. Admirable commitment to users.

Coin Kong Trader‘s stellar support is a major factor in their high customer satisfaction and retention. Users feel heard and cared for, cementing trust and loyalty.

Social and Copy Trading

For traders seeking guidance from experts, Coin Kong Trader incorporates social and copy trading.

What is Social Trading?

Social trading connects novice investors with experienced traders. By sharing strategies, insights, and market opinions, veterans provide education and perspective to community members. Social interactions humanize trading.

Coin Kong Trader cultivates idea exchange through:

  • Community chatrooms – Discuss trading with fellow users in real time.
  • Forums – Get advice from seasoned traders and find answers to platform questions.
  • Leaderboards – View historical performance of top traders. Assess who may be worth following and learning from.
  • Newsfeed – Comment on posts and share trading tips or market sentiments.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Copy Trading

Copy trading allows beginners to automatically replicate expert trades based on performance history.


  • Leverages skills of successful traders
  • Lowers knowledge needed to start trading
  • Convenient hands-off approach
  • Bypasses emotional decisions


  • Removes lessons learned through practice
  • Lag in copied trades can decrease returns
  • Over-reliance on copying can inhibit development of personal strategy
  • Replicated trades may not fit your risk tolerance

When used selectively alongside individual trading, copy trading can expand knowledge. But solely piggybacking experts often leads to poor outcomes.

Educational Resources

Recognizing that trading knowledge yields better outcomes, Coin Kong Trader offers ample educational resources.

Types of Educational Material

  • Video tutorials – Learn through visual walkthroughs of platform features and trading basics.
  • Written guides – In-depth illustrated articles teach charting, indicators, trading psychology.
  • Glossary – Reference definitions for trading terminology. Demystifies jargon.
  • Webinars – Attend workshops with market experts sharing analysis, ideas, Q&A.
  • Ebooks – Download books detailing trading strategies, risk management, crypto fundamentals.
  • Infographics – Bite-sized visual lessons distill concepts for quick and easy learning.

This multimedia education catalog allows users to learn through their preferred medium and schedule. Digestible education from diverse formats improves retention.

Importance of Education in Crypto Trading

Unlike stocks, crypto lacks decades of historical market data. Combined with extreme volatility, understanding crypto technical and fundamental analysis is vital yet challenging.

Coin Kong Trader‘s education resources help traders:

  • Grasp technical and fundamental analysis
  • Identify chart patterns and indicators
  • Develop risk management rules
  • Create feasible trading plans
  • Master platform features
  • Avoid common pitfalls

Education breeds disciplined traders who use smart risk management and proven strategies. Learning enables users to maximize Coin Kong Trader for profitability.

The best choice
☑ Coin Kong Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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User Reviews and Community Feedback

Given its growing user base, Coin Kong Trader has amassed considerable feedback detailing user experiences.

Positive User Experiences

  • Intuitive interface – Traders consistently praise the well-designed, uncluttered interface with logical navigation enabling easy access to features.
  • Seamless account setup – The straightforward signup and verification process gets users trading faster compared to competitors.
  • Algorithm performance – Users report consistent profits from the trading algorithms and bots over months of use. Impressive results.
  • Knowledgeable support – Customer service earns rave reviews for deep platform expertise and resolving complex issues to users’ complete satisfaction.
  • Active community – Traders appreciate the vibrant social ecosystem full of experienced members providing helpful insights and education.

Negative User Experiences

  • Occasional lags – During periods of heavy load, users note delays in order execution and pages loading. However, temporary lag is typical across exchanges during volatility.
  • Conservative risk parameters – Some traders feel the default risk settings are too restrictive. However, overzealous risk taking generally produces poor outcomes.
  • Withdrawal delays – A small number of users experienced longer than advertised withdrawal times. Yet the delays were still 1-2 days, faster than most platforms.

Overall, negative feedback is quite limited and centered on temporary technical issues or overexcitement to trade aggressively. For most, the platform delivers seamlessly.

Why was Coin Kong Trader developed?

Pros and Cons of Coin Kong Trader

Every platform has advantages and disadvantages. Assessing both provides a balanced perspective.

Advantages of Using the Platform

  • Enables passive income – The automated trading bots generate reliable returns hands-free. An appealing option for passive income seekers.
  • Democratizes trading – User friendly design and education resources level the playing field for retail traders to successfully compete.
  • Optimizes trading – Advanced algorithms, backtesting, and technical indicators support data driven trading optimization.
  • Bolsters security – Bank-grade encryption, 2FA, and cold storage wallets provide top-tier protection against hacks.
  • Low fees – The zero commission fee structure keeps more profits in your pocket.
  • Responsive support – Quality 24/7 multichannel customer service resolves issues quickly and knowledgeably.
  • Accepts beginners – Unlike competitors, onboarding caters to crypto trading newcomers.
  • Regulatory approved – Approval from respected regulators supports platform legitimacy and security posture.
  • Reputable founders – Leadership team has decades of fintech and trading experience from well-known firms.

Potential Drawbacks

  • No phone support – Lack of telephone option slightly limits support channels. However, live chat is very responsive.
  • Limited altcoin selection – Platform supports 100+ coins but does not offer certain niche cryptocurrencies.
  • Web only – Unlike some competitors, a native mobile app is currently unavailable. However, the mobile site is well optimized.
  • No crypto deposits – Can only fund accounts via wire transfers and credit/debit cards. Adding crypto deposits would improve convenience.
  • Lack of exchange – Must withdraw to external wallet instead of exchanging within platform. Adds extra steps.

While Coin Kong Trader has room for improvement, the positives far outweigh the negatives for most users. The platform delivers on its core promises of automated trading, security, and transparent pricing.

Getting Started on Coin Kong Trader

Ready to get started? Here is an overview of the quick and hassle-free account creation process.

Registration and Verification Process


  • Visit and click Sign Up
  • Enter your name, email, and password
  • Confirm email and submit basic details


  • Upload government ID such as driver’s license or passport
  • Submit proof of address via utility bill or bank statement
  • Await identity confirmation via email
  • Deposit minimum $250 via bank transfer or credit card to complete verification

The streamlined process allows new users onboard and trading rapidly. However, know that unverified accounts face deposit and withdrawal restrictions. Complete verification to access all platform capabilities.

Trading Assets and Options

Once your account is funded, it’s time to explore assets and trading options:

  • Review hot and top coins on the homepage
  • Use the Discover tab to search coins by categories like DeFi, NFTs, and more
  • Toggle between chart timeframes to assess price trends
  • Test trading strategies risk-free via the demo account
  • Enable copy trading to automatically follow expert portfolios

Take advantage of the demo account to find asset classes and trading styles you connect with before investing actual capital.

Final Verdict

So – scam or legitimate platform? Let’s summarize the case.

Is Coin Kong Trader a Scam or Legit?

After thorough evaluation, Coin Kong Trader demonstrates itself as a trustworthy, legitimate trading platform:

  • Transparent operations and pricing
  • Top-tier security infrastructure
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
  • Simplified trading tailored to retail users
  • Regulatory approved across multiple jurisdictions
  • Thousands of satisfied traders testify to platform integrity

New traders should practice proper risk management, but the platform itself shows no signs of ill intent.

Making an Informed Decision

Here are key points to consider when determining if Coin Kong Trader is right for your trading needs:

  • Your risk tolerance and comfort with automated trading
  • Whether available coins align with your interests
  • Your need for phone support
  • If greater altcoin variety is required
  • If you prefer an app-based experience

Assess how the platform’s pros and cons fit with your personal requirements. Open a demo account to experience Coin Kong Trader risk-free.

The best choice
☑ Coin Kong Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Summary and Final Thoughts

In closing, Coin Kong Trader strives to make automated crypto trading accessible through an intuitive platform combining AI, social tools, and robust security.

The team built a solution catering specifically to retail investors often overlooked by technical, complex competitor platforms. Opinions shared by users resoundingly underscore the quality of the trading experience.

For traders seeking convenient hands-off exposure to the potential of cryptocurrencies, Coin Kong Trader warrants consideration. The platform simplifies crypto participation for beginners without sacrificing sophistication.

Recommendations for Future Users

New users looking to maximize the platform should:

  • Thoroughly trial the demo account before committing capital
  • Start with small position sizes and conservative risk settings
  • Learn technical and fundamental analysis to make informed adjustments
  • Progressively increase activity as you gain experience
  • Maintain strong password hygiene and enable two-factor authentication
  • Diversify trades across assets and strategically use stop losses

Coin Kong Trader offers the tools and security to trade crypto profitably. Applying trading wisdom, self-education, and risk management will further tip the odds in your favor.


  • Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennett is a senior editor for the global policy and regulatory market. He is responsible for institutions, legislators and regulators. He has a total of 50 BTC and 20 ETH. He was awarded Journalist of the Year 2020 by the Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers.

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