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Bitcoin Code Review

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Bitcoin Code Review – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated: September 3, 2023

So many people want to start growing a passive income by trading Bitcoins, but the number of auto trading platforms and bad reviews have made them sceptical about investing in this auto trading system. It is difficult to know which trading platform is legit, and these days, testimonials cannot be trusted. This is why my team and I take our time to carefully test and review auto trading robots for cryptocurrency to identify those that really work.

I have been trading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, for many years and it is one of my best sources of income. I have grown a passive income by taking advantage of the auto trading platforms which do all the work for me; all I have to do is make a deposit. It will be wonderful if I can help others know which auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency to invest and start earning like me.

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☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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For this review, we have tested the Bitcoin Code, an crypto trading platform for cryptocurrencies, and below I have written all about our findings, we actually used the system and earned a profit. There is no better way to know if the system really works than using and having a personal experience. We are happy to take the chance during reviews; at least, our findings will help hundreds of others to know which auto trading bot really work.

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The Bitcoin Code has been around for a while, we noticed there is a growing community of users already gaining from the system, this discovery made my team happy, after all, if there are satisfied users, then it must be working, but we had to find out for ourselves.

Similar to other excellent auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution, the Bitcoin Code works flawlessly, we were able to test all its key features without any problems, and the experience was good. The trading robots do all the work for you, after making a deposit, all the user needs to do is activate the live trading feature and set stop loss limits. The crypto trading bot takes over, they analyse crypto market trends and place trades for the user to make a profit.

Continue reading to learn more about our discoveries during this review of the Bitcoin Code.

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Does Bitcoin Code work, and is it legit?

The first question everyone who wants to invest in these reliable auto trading platforms is if it works? Yes, there are testimonials online, but you can also find claims that the websites are fake, that’s why it is important to test the system and reveal the outcome publicly. At the end of our review of the Bitcoin Code trading platform, we can confirm that Bitcoin Code is legit, and all users who sign up and start crypto trading have a high chance of earning a profit every day.

Here’s a brief report of our findings:

  • 1) We tested all the key features of the Bitcoin Code, and they work as expected, the payout system is reliable and accurate.
  • 2) We found out the system offers different payment options so people from all over the world can register an trading account and start earning the same day.
  • 3) The developers of Bitcoin Code have set a low limit for the minimum deposit at $250, so more people can gain from this auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

Continue reading to know more about our experience with this trading bot.

What is the Bitcoin Code?

The Bitcoin Code is best described as an automated trading platform that can perform trades for the user. The Bitcoin Code Robot analyse the current market trends in real-time, identify the potentially profitable trades, and perform transactions on behalf of the user. Basically, the system buys the cryptocurrency at a low price and sells to make a profit when the price rises.

The fantastic thing about using the Bitcoin Code is that the users don’t need any expert knowledge to start trading and earning a profit from cryptocurrencies trading. After we opened an trading account to test the system, we discovered that hundreds of users are already making deposits and earning through the system.

It is possible to perform manual trades and make a profit, but this option is only available to traders who have undergone some form of formal training to learn how manual trading works. With the Bitcoin Code App, everyone can sign up and enjoy the gains from cryptocurrency trading.

The software engineers and tech analysts in my team were able to test the algorithm used on the Bitcoin Code, we studied the analysis report and realised that transactions done on this platform are 0.1 seconds faster than the regular market. This puts all users at an advantage to earn more from the crypto market, considering the high win rate this advantage brings to the platform.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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We also have to commend the developers for setting the deposit limit as low as $250, at such a low rate, more people can afford to sign up and start earning daily. We were also happy about this because we needed to create a real account and trade; it would have been tough for us if the minimum deposit was very high.

We think the idea to add multiple payment options of the platform is a great idea; more people can make deposits using any of the options and start earning from their location.

Overall, we have tested the system and found out that Bitcoin Code has one of the highest win rates at 99.4%. This means that every user can start earning from their first crypto trading session using the Bitcoin Code.

Below, I have written the procedure we followed to test all the features of the Bitcoin Code. First, we needed to create a new account.

Creating a Bitcoin Code account

The process we followed to create an account was simple, and straight forward, everyone can do it. However, there is a customer support team on standby to help people who encounter any issues at this account opening stage.

Step 1: Registration

We noted that it was free to open a new trading account. The registration form was downloaded from the website, and we entered the needed information- an email address, full name, and a phone number. After submitting this information, we waited for the new account to be activated.

Step 2: Activating the account

The information we entered was first verified, and an email sent to us to confirm a successful verification and that our new account has been activated. Next, we had to make a deposit to start live trading.

Step 3: Making a deposit

As I stated earlier, we found different payment options to make a deposit. For this test, we decided to start with the lowest deposit allowed on the system, which is $250. I have listed some of the payment options on Bitcoin Code below;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GeoTrust
  • PCI

We selected the MasterCard option to deposit $250 for our project; however, the highest deposit that can be made to trade on Bitcoin Code is $15,000. But it is best for new users to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and start earning before increasing their investment.

Step 4: Activating auto trading

Bitcoin Code allows users to select the manual or auto trading feature; this means experienced traders like me can use the system and manage the transactions personally, however, the auto trading feature seems more convenient considering the high win rate of 99.4% why bother trading manually? We noticed that different trading pairs for cryptocurrencies were available on the platform; for example, the robots can choose trading pairs by matching Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Ripple, which are all available on the auto trading platform. These trading pairs are matched against global currencies such as the Dollar, Pounds, and others to offer users a reasonable conversion rate. - create an account with Bitcoin Code

Before activating the live trade feature, we needed to set the stop-loss limit; this feature makes it possible to avoid losses because the cryptocurrency market can be quite volatile. When you set a stop loss limit, the system will not exceed the value you have indicated while performing live trades for you.

There is also a demo trading account; this feature can be used by investors who want to study how Bitcoin Code trading bot perform trades for users. The demo system is a simulation of the real trading procedure without the use of real money.

We tested the demo feature, and it worked flawlessly. Then we proceeded to activate the live bitcoin trading on our trading account. At the end of our first trading session, we were delighted to see that the robots had placed strategic trades for us, and we made a profit. It was a true confirmation that the high win ratio we calculated was correct.

Meet the Man who invented Bitcoin Code

The Bitcoin Code trading platform was developed and established by Steve McKay; he is an entrepreneur and software engineer. His idea was to develop an auto trading system that could comprehensively analyse global markets and perform trades for users to help them earn a profit. After our tests, we can say his goals have been achieved.

Steve McKay worked for many years to develop the unique algorithm that runs the Bitcoin Code. His goal was to develop automated trading software that could be used by everyone with minimal input from the user. To stay ahead of the crypto market, Steve McKay focused on developing an auto trading system for cryptocurrencies that could perform quick automated transactions for all users.

We know that at the time of this review, Bitcoin Code is available to investors in over 150 countries.

Why everyone should use Bitcoin Code

We have tested this crypto trading platform for cryptocurrencies, and it works excellently, we even made a profit after testing the live trading feature. The testimonials from current users are amazing, and we have confirmed they are true. Some users earn as much as $1,500 daily, this is a great opportunity to grow a passive income, and we want more people to take advantage of it.

So far, we have tested many auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, many of them turned out to be scams, but Bitcoin Code is legit and recommended by our team.

We also noticed that compared to other trading platforms, the requirements to open a new Bitcoin Code account are few and simple. Some platforms require much information, and this prolongs the time it takes to open a new account. However, on Bitcoin Code, our account was ready in less than ten minutes. We also tested the withdrawal process; this was another great experience. Our withdrawal request was processed within 24-hours. This is really fast compared to other bitcoin trading platforms.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Features of the Bitcoin Code


This is where you receive earnings on Bitcoin Code; we know many investors signup to make a profit, so we focused on testing this feature. We found out that the payout system is transparent, and there were no hidden fees. After a commission is deducted from the users’ profit, the balance is credited to their Bitcoin Code account.

Verification System

We were happy with the fast verification system, our details were verified in minutes, and the account activated. This process is essential to confirm that the information users have entered while creating an account is accurate and valid.


The withdrawal system on Bitcoin Compass is quick and straight forward. We initiated a withdrawal, and the request was processed in 24-hours. The value withdrawn is converted to your local currency and credited to a bank account you have provided. It worked flawlessly.


The transparency on Bitcoin Smarter made it easy to determine the charges without contacting customer support. A commission of 13% is charged only on profit made by users of the platform. This value is reasonable, compared to other crypto trading platforms, and it is the only charge made on a user’s account, every other process is free.

User Testimonials

After testing the system, we can confirm that the positive reviews for Bitcoin Code App online are true, and we will also write a good review after our wonderful experience using the platform to trade Bitcoins. In this section, the developers have created a page where active users can post their experiences while using Bitcoin Code.

Customer Support

The customer support system on Bitcoin Code is available 24/7, we contacted them just to know how fast they respond, and we were impressed. The customer support staff we interacted with knew all about the auto trading platform and was ready to help. - primary features of Bitcoin Code


There are professional brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Code; they are responsible for assessing and confirming the auto trades done on behalf of users to ensure they are profitable. We tried to check some of the Brokers because they are many, and we found out the few brokers we checked are reputable, successful, and have extensive experience.

Bitcoin Code vs. other trading robots

We had to make a comparison to ascertain how Bitcoin Code is different from other trading robots we have tested.

Bitcoin CodeOther bitcoin robots
Bitcoin Code Logo
Every process on Bitcoin Code is free, the system is transparent, and it is easy to calculate the commission paid when users make a profit.On other platforms, we couldn’t calculate how fees were deducted, which is not good.
We created and activated our new Bitcoin Code account in less than ten minutes.  Other cryptocurrency trading platforms require much information and verification process takes too long.
No need for expert knowledge to start trading cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Code because there is a sophisticated algorithm.It is difficult to determine the win rate on most trading platforms, so engaging in trading is risky.
 The values paid out to users are always accurate.Some trading platforms make it difficult to query the value paid out the users after trading sessions.
Real users who have posted positive testimonials as confirmation of their satisfaction with Bitcoin Code.These transactions in these platforms are shrouded in secrecy, so it is difficult to determine if the feedback is real.

Tips to earn more with Bitcoin Code

As an experienced trader, I noted some helpful tips that can be used to earn more as a new user. I have written these tips below;

Don’t go all in at once

I think it is best for new users to start trading with the minimum deposit allowed, $250, and increase their investment after earning much profit on this amount. The idea is to understand how it all works and increase deposit value when you have decided on a plan to save and grow your passive income.

Withdraw profits

After earning a profit on the platform, it is best if the value is withdrawn while the capital can be reinvested to earn more.

Learn about currency pairs

There is so much free information online; you can study about currency pairs and set your trading limits to make more profits when particular matches are made on the system.

Never ignore your tax

Pay your tax early and keep the records, as a trader, even though you are using an automated trading system for cryptocurrencies, the records are important and can be used anytime.

Invest your disposable income

It makes sense to invest first before going on a vacation or buying expensive things, take some funds from your disposable income, and invest. Soon enough, you will have much more money to have fun.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Advantages of having a Bitcoin Code Account

The current rush to open Bitcoin Code account indicates that more people are interested in earning from the system. Maybe the limit can be reached soon, and it won’t be possible to open new accounts, so it is best to get on board now.

Automated Trading Robots are convenient

All we needed to do was create an account, make a deposit, and start earning. I think it is very convenient even for an experienced trader like me; everyone needs to use this trading software to start earning more.

It is easy to make a profit

We have tested the Bitcoin Code trading platform, and the high win rate increases the chances of making a profit from the very first trading session.

Fast processing for transactions

We found out that Bitcoin Code trading robots perform transactions 0.1 seconds faster than the market; this gives all users an advantage to earn more.

Customer Support

Many trading platforms don’t have efficient customer support services, on Bitcoin Code, every user can get help at any time.

Demo account

The demo account allows all users to study how live trades are done and how the profit is earned during a trading session. Bitcoin Code is a transparent auto trading platform that ensures all users stand a high chance of making a profit.

So far, we are impressed with Bitcoin Code and can confidently recommend this auto trading platform to everyone. The transaction process is fast, the system is managed by professional brokers, and the payout is always accurate. The low deposit limit of $250 also makes it possible for more people to sign up and start earning.

Reviewing media coverage of Bitcoin Code

There are many claims online that Bitcoin Code has been endorsed and featured on popular TV shows, we decided to confirm these claims during our review. However, most of the information out there is false; we did not find any evidence that the trading platform is affiliated with the mentioned TV shows or celebrities. Here’s what we found out;

Dragon’s Den

Some affiliate marketers have tried to lure people into buying their products by claiming Bitcoin Code has been featured on the Dragon’s Den. We found no evidence that any of the hosts on the TV show has discussed the trading platform. The people making these claims online are trying to drive traffic to their affiliate websites with false claims that attract readers.

This Morning

The British TV show “This Morning” has also been mentioned as one of the TV shows that featured Bitcoin Code in the past. Our findings also prove that this claim is false and yet another plan to misdirect the public in view of generating high traffic to certain websites.

Shark Tank

The TV show Shark Tank has a large audience, so we are not surprised it is one of the shows used by affiliate marketers to lure the public to click on their Ads online. We also confirmed that Bitcoin Code had not been endorsed on the TV show Shark Tank, at least not yet. - benefits of Bitcoin Code

Has Bitcoin Code been endorsed by celebrities?

We also ran checks to confirm if some celebrities have actually endorsed Bitcoin Code according to online claims. Here’s what we know at this time;

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has successfully grown his businesses the Space X project and Tesla brand; he is also a witty investor; however, claims that Elon Musk endorsed and invested in Bitcoin Code are false. It has not yet happened, and we know that fake stories like this are used to get more people clicking on Ads online.

Martin Lewis

It was easy to confirm that the claims about Martin Lewis investing in Bitcoin Code are false because Martin has already posted a disclaimer on his social media to inform the public of the false news.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is an entrepreneur who has invested in different industries, he has also been linked with the Bitcoin Code as an investor, but this information is not correct. We did not find any evidence to prove that Peter Jones has invested or endorsed Bitcoin Code.

Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter is an Australian entrepreneur and also one of the stakeholders in the Shark Tank Australian version. We saw some claims that Steve Baxter has endorsed the Bitcoin Code App, but there is no evidence to prove these claims are right. So we cancelled it as another false claim.

Janine Allis

Janine Allis is one of the Shark Tank anchors, and the claims online suggest she has endorsed Bitcoin Code on the TV show many times. If it were that many, we should have easily seen proof of this endorsement online, but no evidence exists, this is another false news posted online.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is the British celebrity chef, his TV show has millions of viewers, and he has also made other investments in the real estate and hospitality sector. However, we did not find any evidence to prove that Gordon Ramsay has invested or endorsed Bitcoin Code as claimed by some people online.

Considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is going to be difficult for any celebrity or TV show host to endorse or speak about auto trading platforms. While we have confirmed that everyone can make a profit using these trading robots, the best approach is to have experience on the platform first and make an independent decision because of the risks. This is why we do a Bitcoin Code review to show the public which auto trading platforms work and those that are scams.

Is there is a mobile app for the Bitcoin Code?

Yes, we found the Bitcoin Code mobile app on Android. It can be downloaded for free from the Android Play store; we expect the iOS version to be developed soon.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Bitcoin Code Review: The Verdict

My team and I have carefully tested all the features of the Bitcoin Code, and we concluded that it is one of the best auto trading platforms anyone can use. The algorithm used on this platform to perform automated trades is sophisticated and reliable. Also, transactions are done quickly and are accurate. The entire processes are managed by brokers who ensure all users on the platform earn a profit.

We are also impressed with the user interface on the Bitcoin Code website; it is easy to navigate and responsive. We were able to access the website by using a laptop and a browser on smartphones.

We tested the live trade feature, and it worked flawlessly, we were able to set a stop loss for our trading session to prevent losses if the unexpected happens in the market. The customer support system is also excellent, the response to an inquiry is fast, and they know all about the auto trading system. We are happy that a reliable auto trading platform such as Bitcoin Code exists for all users to sign up and start growing a passive income portfolio.


Does Bitcoin Code payout in cryptocurrency?

No, the system converts the cryptocurrency value in users account to their local currency, which is sent to an account of their choice. The cryptocurrency value is only used for trading activities.

How safe is trading on Bitcoin Code?

We tested the auto trading platform as first-time users, and our experience was wonderful. The developers have added safety measures to ensure new users do not lose their funds, for example, before activating the live trade feature, you will need to set a stop loss limit, and all trades are done within this limit. We also deployed the best analytical tools on the system and discovered Bitcoin Code has a very high win rate, which is an added advantage for all users. With Bitcoin Code trading, you can be assured that your trading strategy will be taken care of.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, also abbreviated as BTC, is a cryptocurrency that can be used to make digital payments for purchases or services. Transactions done with Bitcoin are processed through a decentralised system called the Blockchain. Bitcoins are mined using computers; they are also sold in the cryptocurrency market where investors are interested in buying Bitcoins to make other purchases or as an investment.

Is it mandatory for users of the Bitcoin Code to undergo training before creating an account?

No, everyone can open an account and start earning on the Bitcoin Code platform without having any special knowledge about trading cryptocurrencies. It is a good idea to open a new Bitcoin Code account now, there is a rush as many people are interested in earning with the system, and we don’t know if account creation will be restricted if too many people open accounts.


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