Ripple Rides Wave of Success: XRP Court Ruling Clears Path for US Expansion

Last Updated: August 5, 2023


• Ripple’s President, Monica Long, is optimistic about the recent court ruling which determined that XRP is not classified as an unregistered security in the US.
• The company has experienced substantial growth in international markets due to regulatory clarity and plans to re-engage with the US market.
• Ripple has operations in London, Singapore, Dubai, Sao Paulo and other major cities worldwide and has doubled its size in the UK.

Ripple’s Legal Victory Clears Path For U.S. Expansion

Ripple’s President Monica Long expressed optimism about a recent court ruling determining that XRP does not fall under the classification of an unregistered security in the United States. This victory opens up new market opportunities for Ripple in the US and around the world. With regulatory clarity fueling growth prospects for their payment network, Ripple is ready to capitalize on these opportunities.

Re-Engaging with US Market

Monica Long explained that with this new clarity on XRP’s legal status, Ripple can return its focus to the US market while still operating globally: “We’re very happy about it because we now have clarity in terms of how Ripple will operate its business going forward… And we are re-engaging with the US market.” She further highlighted major international locations such as Europe, Singapore, Dubai and Middle East as potential areas of growth for their payments business.

Expansion Outside U.S.

In particular, Ripple has seen success in expanding its office in London which more than doubled in size since opening last year. Additionally, they have offices throughout Singapore, Dubai and Sao Paulo serving customers around world who also benefit from clear regulatory guidelines for digital assets like XRP by governments such as Japan and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

SEC May Appeal Court Ruling

Despite this victory for Ripple allowing them to grow their business in various international markets including back home here in US, it appears SEC may still be considering appealing this decision based on some recent hints given out by them regarding this case; however no official confirmation has been made yet so only time will tell if final outcome remains same or not.


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