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Immediate Edge Review

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Immediate Edge Review – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among investors seeking new ways to protect themselves from inflation. While cryptocurrency trading may be rewarding, it is also very hazardous.

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☑ Immediate Edge is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
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Crypto trading robots enable investors to keep up with market movements while reducing their workload considerably. In this Immediate Edge review, we look at the ins and outs of this crypto trading robot. We also look at its features, success rate, charges, setup procedure, and more.

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What is Immediate Edge?

The Immediate Edge trading platform is a cryptocurrency auto-trading platform that uses a bot to predict lucrative trades on the market. Based in the United Kingdom, the website claims its users can earn up to £1500 per day, and its trade win rate is up to 99%. However, we could not verify this claim.

Immediate Edge Review

With Immediate Edge, you’ll have access to a robust trading algorithm that our team designed. The system can predict profitable trades without your input by analyzing various market indicators, trade patterns, statistics, and more. To use this trading strategy, you need to log in and select the options that work best for you. Then, you can relax and watch the profits come in.

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Is Immediate Edge Legit?

If you are an investor considering this platform, you should investigate it carefully to determine if it is legitimate or a scam. When you are unaware of the risks involved with bitcoin trading, you may quickly think it’s a fraud. A skilled, on the other hand, will recognize that unstable currencies like bitcoin do not provide any protection against losses. As a result, your money is always at risk, regardless of the trading app or software you use to execute your trades.

Immediate Edge is known to be a trustworthy platform that you can start using with as little as £250. Not only are there many businesses who trade on this site, but also various success stories which back up the immediate Edge community’s claim that anyone has the potential to make money through cryptocurrency trading on this Immediate Edge platform.

Immediate Edge benefits

Key Features of Immediate Edge

Many features assist account holders in making the most of the platform and earning money using Instant Edge: These are some examples:


When you trade Bitcoin online, you want to ensure the broker has a dependable payout system. Immediate Edge’s trading software is completely transparent on your funds from when you invest up until withdrawal. It and its associated brokers also utilize correct algorithms to calculate your assets without fail.

Easy Withdrawal Process

Another great feature of Immediate Edge is the super quick withdrawal process! It’s one of the fastest I’ve seen. Most other platforms take days or weeks, but with Immediate Edge, you can expect to receive your money within 24 hours of making a withdrawal request.

Demo Account

One of Immediate Edge’s best features is the demo account. We suggest starting with the demo to get a feel for how the service works and become familiar with the interface before taking any real financial risks if you are inexperienced in trading.


This robot is highly encrypted to protect against data breaches. It prides itself on following international data privacy laws, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Plus, the robot only works with regulated brokers known for securing traders’ funds and providing the best trading conditions.

A Wide Range of Cryptos

Unlike many other automatic trading robots that trade Bitcoin, Immediate Edge provides an automated trading system that may trade a wide range of digital assets. This widens the scope of the trading bot and helps Immediate Edge software find many more trading possibilities on marketplaces.

The best choice
☑ Immediate Edge is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Factors to Consider Before Using Immediate Edge

We’ve done our research on Immediate Edge, and here are our findings based on essential factors that weigh into your decision.


Immediate Edge is your platform if you want to receive your funds as quickly as possible. Withdrawals are often processed within 24 hours on weekdays, and by filling out a withdrawal form, your broker account will be funded in no time.

Verification System

Immediate Edge has a stringent verification process that includes various checks during registration. This system combines email verification, where new users validate their account using a link sent to the email provided, and KYC verification, where users provide identification documents for new accounts. Bank accounts used for deposits must also bear the same name as the account holder.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

To start using Immediate Edge, you must first deposit a minimum of $250. Credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers are all accepted payment methods. A 2% withdrawal fee is levied on accounts that have earned money; however, only if they have reached the required sum.

Costs and Fees

The only costs paid out of your account are the withdrawal charge for profitable trade accounts and any fees listed on the site.

Customer Service

The support team at Instant Rail is available via online chats to assist and answer questions, while urgent matters are handled by phone. Customers may also use their account dashboard to send messages to customer care.

Affiliated Brokers

Instant Edge works with many regulated brokers across the world. Users may select an associated broker in their area when opening a new account. Users can link the bot to their brokers’ MT4 trading terminals after they’ve been set up. These firms handle accounts, but the bot is solely focused on trading.

Pros and Cons of Using Immediate Edge


  • The minimum deposit is $250, which is very low.
  • Demo trading feature available for new users
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours
  • Available in all countries that allow CFD trading
  • 24/7 customer support


  • You can only invest in Bitcoin
  • Unfortunately, CFD trading is not available in the United States.
  • Some testimonials are fake.

How Much Does Immediate Edge Cost to Use?

Immediate Edge does not have a signup fee, so creating an account is free. Nevertheless, as we were researching for this Immediate Edge review, we found that you pay trading fees with the partner brokers each time you make a trade. Also, a minimum deposit of $250 must be placed before using the Immediate Edge trading platform can begin.

If you sign up for a Basic account, the trading fees will be discounted if you make a larger initial deposit. By upgrading to one of our premium tiers – Standard or Advanced versions – you can save even more money on trading fees.

Immediate Edge security

What Types of Payment Does Immediate Edge Accept?

You can make your $250 deposit with Immediate Edge in several ways. The most popular include Visa or Mastercard, bank transfer, Skrill, and Klarna.

The guaranteed methods available are:

  • Debit card
  • Klarna
  • Bank or wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Skrill

Safety and Security

Is Immediate Edge safe to use?

Although further investigation is needed, Immediate Edge is a safe cryptocurrency trading software. However, some of the success rates it claims on its website are currently unverifiable. For example, it says that its signals have an 82% success rate; however, this number cannot be confirmed now.

According to the automated digital platforms website, software customers have earned millions of dollars relatively briefly. These claims are inflated and difficult to believe. Despite this, most Immediate Bitcoin users have made money and had a good experience using the cryptocurrency bot.

Is Immediate Edge regulated?

The Instant Edge cryptocurrency trading robot connects to a third-party brokerage, so it is not required to be regulated. The exchange is compatible with a wide range of trading platforms, several of which are based in Europe and regulated by CySEC, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is My Money Protected On Immediate Edge?

You do not have to deposit funds into the Immediate Edge software- instead, you only need to invest money with its recommended brokers. These cryptocurrency brokers are regulated by CySEC, meaning that when you use them, you are eligible for compensation up to €20 000.

Who Owns Immediate Edge?

The Immediate Edge team’s founders are unknown, as there is no information about them on the website. However, the only detail we do know is that they have many years of experience developing automated financial trading software and robots between them. Although it is impossible to find the developers’ names, this desire for anonymity is not uncommon in creators in the cryptocurrency space- wanting to protect their identity. This same phenomenon exists with McGregor, among other popular cryptocurrency trading robots.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, so it’s no surprise that a trade might not succeed even if this robot automates it. However, let’s look at some of Immediate Edge’s trade strategies to see how they can help your chances.

Automated Trading Tools

The Instant Edge app, currently available in beta mode, promises to execute trades on behalf of cryptocurrency traders using cutting-edge technology. This streamlines your activities and increases your earnings. Before signing up for a trading account, ensure that the cryptocurrency you want to use is accessible.

Arbitrage Trading

If you want to make money trading cryptocurrency, you need to be able to time trends correctly. With arbitrage trading, this immediate edge robot helps you manage multiple cryptocurrencies on different platforms at once.

News Trading

When a trade gets moved, the price may vary wildly, causing your already existing works to be jeopardized. Thanks to Immediate Edge’s automated trading software, you will stay informed of the most recent changes and make the most fantastic decision before your position is threatened.

Price Trend Analysis

Since the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, the value of cryptocurrencies frequently changes, making it difficult for traders to forecast the price of cryptos. Immediate Edge app saves the day by analyzing historical data and predicting how an asset’s value will be in the future.

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Which Countries Are Immediate Edge in?


This robot is also available to traders from the United States. US Traders may use Immediate Edge’s user-friendly platform.


Australian users can now join and access the robot’s features on Immediate Edge, which has just opened its doors.

South Africa

If you’re a South African trader, fear not! Immediate Edge’s services are available for you too. And signing up is easy as pie–it’ll only take four steps!


The trading bot is also accessible to traders in the United Arab Emirates. The platform’s user-friendly interface provides quick and easy access to all of the app’s features.


Those in the United Kingdom can use Instant Edge. Traders may sign up on the robot’s official website and begin trading immediately.


Traders from all over Europe and Ireland are included in the clientele that can use Immediate Edge’s services.


To utilize Immediate Edge in Singapore, you must sign up via the website’s registration form, deposit money into your account, and begin trading.


Immediate Edge also provides services to Canadian consumers. You may sign up for the service on the platform’s official website by entering your details correctly.


If you’re a Guatemalan citizen, you can use Immediate Edge services too. The signup process is easy, and the platform is user-friendly.


Indonesian merchants can now use a reliable trading bot like Immediate Edge. You only have to set up an account, pass verification, and begin trading with the sophisticated technology supplied by this bot.


Immediate Edge offers its services to investors in the Philippines and gives them a user interface that is easy to navigate and use.


Immediate Edge has an affiliate network of financial institutions in Canada. These firms provide various payment options to clients from India. This implies that traders in India can use the services provided by Immediate Edge, too.

What Devices Can I Use the Immediate Edge App On?

Immediate Edge is a browser plugin that can be used on any device with an internet browser, including:

  • Tablets
  • Desktop Browsers
  • Smartphones

The service is easy to use and walks you through the opening stages with a demo trading account, where you can explore the Immediate Edge app interface and practice making trades without spending any real money. This is helpful because it lets you get comfortable with the trading process before risking your own money.

Has Immediate Edge Ever Been Endorsed by A Celebrity?

Gordon Ramsey

A renowned British MasterChef is Gordon. His name may be able to drive sales numbers. Perhaps this explains why there have been reports that the chef has endorsed this trading platform. We looked online for proof linking him to this cryptocurrency trading bot, but we came up empty-handed. This assertion is incorrect.

Snoop Dogg

This American rap music legend has recently done high-profile commercial endorsements for various projects. A few reports have linked him to specific cryptocurrency projects, but we could not find any reliable source that indicates he endorsed Immediate Edge. Therefore, we label this claim as false.

Manny Pacquiao

This former global boxing champion was once a holder of four unification title belts in his prime. In recent years, there have been verifiable reports of his endorsement of some cryptocurrency projects. However, we couldn’t find any evidence linking him to the trading bot at any given time. We label this claim as untrue.

Immediate Edge user

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Use Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge doesn’t charge any fees or commissions when trading, but you may be charged a broker fee when withdrawing your funds from the platform.

How Much Profit Can You Make Using Immediate Edge?

The amount of money you can make with the bot depends on how much capital you invest. Generally, traders have been able to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profits by trading with Immediate Edge App. Starting your investing journey from scratch, it’s best to begin small and not let greed get the best of you. Learn how the bot manages trades before investing a large sum of money.

Remember, while this robot can produce good profits, you will inevitably suffer losses. As a result, handle your transactions intelligently and do comprehensive market research for effective trading methods to increase your chances of success. Finally, remember that you must pay a two per cent fee on gains and report your earnings to the IRS/HMRC for tax purposes. Always check local tax rules before utilizing them to avoid legal trouble.

Is My Money, And I Protected?

Yes. Immediate Edge works with some of the world’s top traders to keep your money secure. Remember, the computer does not save traders’ cash but is highly encrypted, to protect your data. Furthermore, your email should be hacker-proof because it partners with brokers that offer the best trading conditions per applicable regulations. This implies that you can expect safe email communications from this provider.

Is Immediate Edge Regulated?

Some brokers regulated by integrated authorities include Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), etc.

How to Delete Immediate Edge Account?

If you want to keep your broker, visit the bot’s menu at the top corner of its page and follow the commands to delete your account. Notifying the bot’s support service of your intention to delete your trading account will allow quicker assistance. Alternatively, if you would also like to close your automated account on a broker’s platform, following these steps will delete Immediate Edge and lose the broker.

How Accurate Is Immediate Edge?

Not all trading platforms are created equal, but Immediate Edge offers its members significant benefits. For example, the software scan markets worldwide to identify profitable trade opportunities with an accuracy rate of 98.9%.

What Is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is inexpensive, with less than $0.07 per coin as of September 1st, especially compared to its 52-week high of $0.3388. Dogecoin was created to satirize Bitcoin rather than be a functional cryptocurrency like most other virtual currencies.

Is Immediate Edge an MLM or an Affiliate scam?

The Immediate Edge platform promotes itself as a means for individuals to make quick profits. Although it provides automated cryptocurrency trading, it engages in marketing exaggeration that may mislead consumers. Please note that despite the website’s claims, there are no well-known personalities connected with the Immediate Edge system directly or indirectly. This is true of many similar trading robots.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Immediate Edge?

Though trading lives with Immediate Edge has no fees or commissions, a broker fee is generally charged when cryptocurrency trades are executed through its platform. Consequently, you might need to pay broker fees when withdrawing your funds.

What Are the Top Immediate Edge Reviews On Trust Pilot?

Most people who have used Immediate Edge say it’s a fantastic tool to add to your trading arsenal. Although its minimum deposit may scare some users off, it is entirely worth it because of how trustworthy and efficient the website is. In other words, you get to cut down on transaction fees and focus more on developing a strategy.

Can I Trade Assets with Leverage?

Yes, leveraged trading is accessible on some platforms linked with Immediate Edge. It’s possible to utilize it when making transactions. The platform does not explicitly list any parameters for the leverage it provides traders. Our study indicates that you can use power up to 1000:1. Please remember that cryptocurrency leveraged trading is hazardous and should only be attempted by experienced traders. If the market drops, leveraging your investments can generate significant losses quickly.

Which Brokers Are Compatible with Immediate Edge?

The firm has teamed up with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, and Bittrex. It also works with real-time forex trading via brokers like 24option and UFX.


We confidently recommend Immediate Edge to our audience, the auto trading system is fast and fully automated. The low minimum deposit is also a big advantage for new users, who want to start earning from the cryptocurrency market without making a big investment at first.

Immediate Edge is a computerized crypto trading system that employs sophisticated strategies. It operates on autopilot, and it is very user-friendly. Its transactions are powered by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which allows users to monitor them in real-time. The Immediate Edge website claims to be protected by military-grade encryption; however, there are still risks of theft and volatility when you trade cryptocurrencies.

The best choice
☑ Immediate Edge is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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