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Bitcoin Pro Review

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Bitcoin Pro Review – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated: August 4, 2023

Robot reviews examine the different assertions made by software vendors and, on this page, we review Bitcoin Pro. We look into claims about its high level of success on the cryptocurrency market, and provide an thorough review to determine whether Bitcoin Pro could be a fraud or a legitimate.

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☑ Bitcoin Pro is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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We are aware of a variety of websites that make use of false endorsements from celebrities to direct customers to brokers that are not regulated or call centers. Our website will only direct customers to companies that have given us the required assurances from the regulators. This is a promotional offer and our partners that are regulated will provide information about the services they provide after registration.

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Pros & Cons


  • The trading interface is simple to use even for novices.
  • Registration is simple and quick.
  • There are no withdrawal limits.
  • There are no fees or commissions to be charged.


  • Incomplete information on the who the founders of the robot are.
  • Unverified testimonials.
  • The interface of the website is like other robot platforms.

What is Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro is an automated trading robot that makes use of Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and various other technologies to make trades on cryptocurrency markets. The robot makes use of sophisticated tools to analyze historical market trends, data, and the most recent news to identify potentially profitable trades. The robot executes these trades with out the necessity of human intervention.

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Furthermore experienced traders are also able to make use of the manual trading strategies. With an account with a Bitcoin Pro account, traders are not required to keep track of markets to pinpoint the precise conditions to open or close an investment. Instead, the user is able to input various parameters and conditions in which the trader wishes to close or open their position (such as when Bitcoin is at a certain price). The robot will then execute the trade in a timely manner when those conditions are fulfilled.

Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, LTC, SOL
FeesThere are no fees
Rate of success88,7 %
Minimum deposit$250
Mobile app?No
Speed of withdrawalAll hours of the day
Demo account?Yes
Leverage availableYes
Customer supportLive chat or email, phone
Verification is requiredYes
RegulationsCySEC licensed brokers

More information about what is the Bitcoin Pro platform

What is the process behind Bitcoin Pro work?

Bitcoin Pro is a trading robot that Bitcoin Pro trader cooperates in conjunction with brokers that are regulated to carry out cryptocurrency transactions, and connects to the brokers through an API. The robot relays signals for trading to a broker partner that does the trade with out the user’s involvement. This trading app is connected with these brokers and offers them trading signals and appropriate risk settings.

On its web site, it claims that the program has a speed of 0.01 secs ahead of its competitors, and it uses this advantage to create profitable trades. However this claim isn’t supported by any proof.

What products and assets are available for trading via Bitcoin Pro?

Through this platform for trading the trader is able to trade important crypto assets. This includes:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)

What is the cost of Bitcoin Pro cost to use?

According to Bitcoin Pro’s official site, there are no fees or charges hidden when using the robot’s services to trade cryptocurrency. However, to utilize the software for trading you’ll need to join its broker partners, who charge between 1-2% in commission.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Pro is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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What are the methods of payment that are accepted in Bitcoin Pro?

You can use the services offered by Bitcoin Pro trader by putting down a minimum of $250 in order to allow autotrading. When you want to deposit money the available payment options are credit and debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller as well as Maestro. This is a complete list of the payment methods available that are part of Bitcoin Pro.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Transfer of funds to a bank
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney

Does anyone have a Bitcoin Pro app for both laptop and mobile devices?

The program is accessible via an internet browser on a computer or laptop. The trading platforms also offers an app for mobile devices that is specifically designed. It is possible to install this Bitcoin Pro app onto any iOS or Android device. It is possible to access the software using your mobile’s web browser if not want to download it with the Bitcoin Pro app.

Bitcoin Pro important features

Its Bitcoin Pro trading software shares many of the same features as the other Bitcoin trading robots, however it has some unique specific features that differentiate it and are listed below.

Advanced trading system for advanced trading

Bitcoin Pro is a Bitcoin Pro trading robot uses advanced and complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to determine how crypto prices will change in the near future. Its software makes use of these capabilities to swiftly and precisely trade the value of Bitcoin and other well-known crypto currencies.

Bitcoin Pro free demo account

One of the greatest benefits for one of the best features offered by Bitcoin Pro automated trading bot is its free demo account. You can test all of the trading robot’s features without risking your funds before transferring to an actual trading environment. Demo trading is a great opportunity to test whether the robot is suitable for you.

Software that is user-friendly

It is a great tool for traders. Bitcoin Pro software has an extremely user-friendly interface. The software requires only a few technical skills to setup. You can set the parameters for trading of the robot in just one hour, and make changes as often as you want. - Top Features of Bitcoin Pro

Leverage in trade

Some cryptocurrency bots do not allow trading with leverage, however, using this Bitcoin Pro trading robot, you can make the ratio of 1000 to 1. That means that for each PS1 you can trade with PS1000 which means you will significantly increase the amount of profit you earn. But it’s important to remember that leverage can be detrimental therefore you must apply it in a cautious manner.

Which brokerages can I choose to utilize in conjunction with Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro has partnered with accredited brokers who provide trading services on the cryptocurrency market. Although the website does not list brokers’ names but it does mention popular brokers such as 24Option and EuropeFX which both provide bitcoin market.

Do I have the ability to trade assets using leverage?

The Bitcoin Profit website does not provide its leverage percentage, it does state that you have to make use of its partner brokers to gain access to the auto trading platform. Partner brokers can provide leverage of up to 1000:1 This means that for each PS1 you can trade PS1000.

We strongly recommend against trading using leverage for beginner traders. Leveraged trading should only be done by experienced traders as it is possible to lose a lot of money in the event that markets turn against you. It’s also risky to let an automated system execute leveraged trades on your behalf, since you may be liable to lose money quickly and have no control over the transactions.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Pro is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Are there any ways to open long and short positions in Bitcoin Pro?

Yes, you are able to open both long and short positions using Bitcoin Pro. Bitcoin Pro software and make profits even when the value of the cryptocurrency is going downwards.

Long-term positions in the field of crypto trading is an investor betting that the value for an investment will rise upwards. A short position is an investor betting that the value that an asset is going to decline.

What is the best way to get paid? What happens to payments?

Payments made through Bitcoin Pro can be directly transferred to accounts at banks. To make a withdrawal request it is necessary to submit an application form through the interface for trading. Since there are no restrictions on the amount you can withdraw that you can make withdrawals daily too. Be aware that to withdraw funds you’ll have to submit your bank’s information along with your identity documents.

What do you think of Bitcoin Pro’s service to customers like?

Prior to registering with Bitcoin Pro, you can contact their customer support via an online form accessible on the official site. After becoming a verified user, you have access to the customer service via email or live chat . Below is a complete listing of methods to contact customer service available for Bitcoin Pro.

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Online contact form

Security and safety

Is Bitcoin Pro safe to use?

When conducting tests with Bitcoin Pro, our experts have found the trading software to be safe. Bitcoin Pro offers good protection for its users, which includes SSL authenticating, antivirus and anti-phishing features. The partner brokers of Bitcoin Pro also come with advanced security features and are in compliance with local regulations. - Getting Started Bitcoin Pro

Does Bitcoin Pro regulated?

There is no authority that regulates Bitcoin Pro itself; it’s trading software, and there aren’t any requirements for it. Bitcoin Pro does work with brokers that are regulated as well as licensed within Europe by CySEC which is among the top regulators in the region.

Are my funds protected by Bitcoin Pro?

When you utilize Bitcoin Pro it is important to note that you don’t make any deposits on the trading platforms. Instead, you deposit your funds at one of its broker partners. Like we said the brokers that it partners with have strong oversight by the CySEC the body that regulates them.

A major benefit of CySEC is the compensation program implemented to safeguard traders in the event that the broker were to close its doors. Therefore, by using Bitcoin Pro, the Bitcoin Pro trading platform, you’ll benefit from CySEC compensation. This could mean that you’ll be compensated in the event that the broker you’re working with is unable to continue trading App, though it will depend on where you’re situated.

Who is the owner of Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro’s official Bitcoin Pro website lacks any information on the owners or the people behind the robot that makes cryptocurrency. There are numerous online rumors suggesting that Bitcoin Pro is owned by famous celebrities. But, there is no evidence to back this.

As we looked in Bitcoin Pro, during our research into Bitcoin Pro app, our experts discovered that the app is operated by a team of cryptocurrency developers and traders with a long history of. It is a common practice for the developers of trading robots to keep their identities secret, particularly in the crypto industry in which privacy is a key element.

What is the procedure for registration and verification?

The process of registration requires providing the basic information like the name of your contact phone number, as well as your email address. You will then be sent an email link to your email address to verify your identity. This process should not last longer than 30 mins. But, it is important to note that the services of this company aren’t available in all countries.

How do I begin trading using Bitcoin Pro

Step 1. Sign up for an account at Bitcoin Pro

Go to go to the Bitcoin Pro website and fill up the registration form on its homepage. This simple step is only a couple of minutes, as you’ll only need to fill in your contact details.

Step 2. Set a minimum deposit of $250.

To get started with autotrading you need to make a minimum investment of $250 on their trading portal. Alternately, you can utilize its demo feature to test the various options available on the trading dashboard.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Pro is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Step 3. Install the Bitcoin Pro trading system

Bitcoin Pro is a Bitcoin Pro trading platform has numerous settings that you can alter to meet your needs. You can pick the currency you want to trade, as well as the frequency you’d like your bot to make trades and a host of other settings. Be patient during this phase is crucial to ensure that you don’t have to make many changes later on.

Step 4. Adjust risk management settings

Before you allow your Bitcoin Pro trading system start trading on your account, you should alter the settings for risk management. This is a crucial step since it could help safeguard your account from losing an excessive amount of cash. Start slowly and increase the risk if you feel confident.

Step 5. Start investing in Bitcoin Pro

If you’ve turned on autotrading, your Bitcoin Pro trading account will begin automatically identifying trading opportunities. If you are using manual trading you must set the parameters for entering or the exit of trades before the technology can begin to work.

The top robotic trading advice for newbies

  1. Get familiar with trade. A beginner needs to be familiar with the functions of trading in cryptocurrency. The trader should be aware of the risks as well as the volatility and security of cryptocurrency assets prior to beginning trading.
  2. Learn about the cryptocurrency market. As mentioned earlier the fundamental characteristics of the cryptocurrency market distinguish them from the other types of markets. Therefore, it is essential to know the fundamentals of trading app and investing in cryptocurrency assets. It is not advisable to invest in something that you do not know about.
  3. Try out a demo account. It is always recommended to try the demo account before going directly into trading. This will give you an impression of Bitcoin Pro’s trading interface and the cryptocurrency trading.
  4. Begin small, and increase slowly. Always start with the smallest amount and gradually increase your portfolio. Beginning with smaller amounts will allow you to gain hands-on experience as well as lower risk aspects.
  5. Put money into investments you are able to afford to risk losing. Trading always comes with risk, and the cryptocurrency markets can be extremely unstable. If you’re not cautious you could easily lose money should the market fall. So, make sure you only trade the amount of money you are willing to lose.

The final word on Bitcoin Pro

Bitcoin Pro can be a helpful tool for trading cryptocurrency however, it has mixed reviews from its users. The site claims to have received awards for trading however further research suggests that this isn’t the case and that they are fraudulent marketing strategies.

If you’re a novice seeking to make use of Bitcoin Pro’s offerings, it is recommended to be cautious. Do not trust everything that is stated on the website. You should conduct your own research about cryptocurrency and trading prior to stepping into the crypto market trading with any robot for trading.

Bitcoin Pro does facilitate tools that are useful to traders with experience for example, the ability to define parameters by hand and manage the strategy that the robot follows. This allows traders to optimize their trading experience, without continuous monitoring of the markets. In the end, although the platform is beneficial to users in certain ways however, it is always recommended to take your time and do an exhaustive investigation. - users of Bitcoin Pro

How we scored this Bitcoin Pro review? 

Each cryptocurrency robot review on our site follows the same set of rules in assessing the platform. For example, with Bitcoin Pro, we first set up a free account and made a payment of $250. Then, we connected the robot to the bitcoin trading platform it recommended after adjusting some settings before let it trade.

We merged our analysis and research with online reviews of traders during our review. We scored the trading platform on the basis of our findings as well as other users review.


Does Bitcoin Pro legitimate or not?

Bitcoin Pro’s services can be described as described, however their effectiveness isn’t. Users should be wary of accepting everything stated on the website. It allows automated and manual trading of digital currencies. However, the bold claims of traders earning $1100 per day by investing just 20 minutes. The website’s interface is like other robot sites and the claims of winning awards for trading do not have proof. The robot is able to offer automated trading in conjunction with licensed brokers, however the method by how it advertises itself creates false perception of the level of profit the users can expect.

Is it easy to sign up for an account with Bitcoin Pro? Bitcoin Pro account?

Registering and opening an account with Bitcoin Pro is easy and is completed in the form of a few steps. The trader must sign up using a form located on the right side of the site. Verification requires that a trader confirm the link provided to their email. When opening an account you won’t be required to provide identification documents – it is only required for withdrawals of funds.

Can I withdraw bitcoin through Bitcoin Pro?

No. You are able to withdraw your gains or capital through making a withdrawal request most likely through the platform of your broker. Because these brokers typically provide leveraged trading using CFD instruments, the payouts are not made in cryptocurrency. Payouts are made to your account’s bank account in fiat currency.

The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Pro is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Does Bitcoin Pro an MLM or an affiliate fraud?

Bitcoin Pro does offer automated trading however it boasts of extravagant claims and makes use of unsound marketing practices. In addition, it lacks credibility because its user interface and assertions are similar to similar websites of trading robots. Furthermore, it isn’t associated with any famous person, although its homepage does provide this impression.

Do you believe that Bitcoin Pro really work as it is described?

Bitcoin Pro’s software is able to execute trades with brokers as it’s described, however it is not possible to earn $1100 daily in profits employing its services and only spending 20 minutes – contrary to the claims on the website. Markets in cryptocurrency can offer potential for profit, however making enormous amounts of money made by just relying on the machine is not feasible. The robot uses sophisticated tools to identify the most profitable possibility of profit when opening and closing trades for a specified time however, claims that this software is 88,7 percent accurate are difficult to believe, and also unfounded.

What is the cost to utilize Bitcoin Pro?

The services offered by Bitcoin Pro are free to utilize. You will pay no cost to sign up on their website. However, there is a fee assessed on any trade you execute through the broker’s website.

How do I delete my Bitcoin Pro account?

To erase the account on your Bitcoin Pro account first make sure you’ve withdrawn your profits or capital from your account at the banks (you’ll be required to fill out the withdrawal request and then wait for it be credited to your banking account). After that, make an application to remove your account from the trading interface of the robot and broker’s platform.


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