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Last Updated: October 12, 2023

• The article discusses the benefits of using HTML to create webpages.
• It explains how HTML is used to structure a web page, add content, and include interactive features.
• It also provides tips on how to use HTML effectively for creating websites.

Benefits of Using HTML

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language that is used to create websites and webpages. It enables developers to structure their content in an organized manner, add interactive features such as buttons and menus, and even embed media such as videos or images into their webpages.

How Does HTML Work?

In order to create a webpage with HTML, one must first write code that describes the structure of the page and its elements (such as headings, paragraphs, links, images etc.). This code can be written in any text editor or even directly in the browser window. Once this code is written it can be viewed with any browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Why Use HTML?

It’s beneficial for website development because it makes it easier to control how your pages look and function on different devices and browsers. Additionally, it is very easy to learn which means anyone can start creating basic webpages without needing much prior knowledge or specialized software. This makes it ideal for both professional developers as well as those who are just starting out with website creation.

Tips For Writing Good Code

When writing in HTML there are certain practices you should follow in order to ensure your code looks good and functions properly. These include: making sure all tags are closed properly; using descriptive class names; indenting nested elements; avoiding inline styling; and separating sections of code into distinct chunks (this makes debugging easier).


Overall, using HTML for website creation has many advantages due its ease-of-use and flexibility when compared with other languages like CSS or JavaScript. Following best practices when writing your code will help ensure that your webpage looks good across different browsers and devices, while also making debugging easier down the line.


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