Bitstamp to Make Major XRP Announcement After SEC Court Win

Last Updated: August 4, 2023

• Bitstamp, the first exchange to delist XRP following the Ripple lawsuit in December 2020, is now gearing up to reveal a momentous update concerning the cryptocurrency.
• Anticipation has been mounting over Bitstamp’s upcoming announcement on XRP, which follows a favorable court ruling against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
• Ripple Labs recently acquired a minority stake in Bitstamp, furthering its commitment to facilitating international transactions through XRP.

Bitstamp Delists XRP Following Ripple Lawsuit

In December 2020, Bitstamp became the first exchange to delist XRP following a lawsuit initiated by Ripple Labs against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The move resulted in a significant decline for XRP’s market value and cast doubt about its future.

Favorable Court Ruling Sparks Relisting Across Exchanges

The situation changed dramatically when a recent court ruling favored Ripple Labs, prompting multiple exchanges – including Coinbase and Kraken – to relist XRP alongside Bitstamp. This resurgence of interest for XRP has been further cemented by Bitstamp’s expansion of services related to it.

Anticipation Builds Around Upcoming Announcement from Bitstamp

As part of this initiative, Bitstamp enticed its users with a limited-time promotion offering zero transfer fees from January 26th to March 27th for IOU transfers on the XRP Ledger. This series of noteworthy developments has generated palpable excitement within the XRP community as anticipation builds around an upcoming announcement from Bitstamp regarding the cryptocurrency.

Ripple Labs Acquires Minority Stake in BitStamp

Further adding fuel to this fire is an acquisition by Ripple Labs of a minority stake in BitStamp made from Pantera Capital , a crypto-focused hedge fund. This move aligns with Ripple’s broader vision of fortifying its presence within digital asset exchange landscape .

XRP’s Legal Journey Continues

Despite this renewed surge in popularity for XRP, it continues on its legal journey with no certain outcome yet determined . The story from delisting to potential groundbreaking news highlights that even though there have been some positive developments , much is still uncertain when it comes to determining what will be next for XRP .


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