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Bitcoin Empire – Scam or Legit?

Last Updated: August 7, 2023

Bitcoin Empire is a cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to provide users with an automated trading software to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital assets. According to their website, Bitcoin Empire utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze market trends and execute profitable trades on behalf of users.

The trading software is marketed as user-friendly, requiring only 20 minutes per day for users to make adjustments. Bitcoin Empire also states that the system can generate sustainable returns over the long term. While these claims sound enticing, it’s important to thoroughly research any investment platform, especially in the often unpredictable cryptocurrency space.

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Bitcoin Empire’s Claimed Success Rate

One of the main features highlighted by Bitcoin Empire is an purported success rate of around 84%. However, without independent verification, this claim should be approached cautiously. Success rates may vary significantly based on market conditions and individual trading strategies. As with any investment, past performance does not guarantee future results. Thorough due diligence is advised before committing funds to any platform like Bitcoin Empire.

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Understanding Bitcoin Empire

How Bitcoin Empire Works

According to information provided on their website, Bitcoin Empire employs an automated trading system that uses algorithms to analyze market data and identify potentially profitable trading opportunities. Once configured by the user, the trading software can operate independently to execute buy and sell orders based on its analytics.

Users are able to customize parameters around trading frequency, assets, risk management and more. The platform handles order execution through integrated brokers. Profits generated can be withdrawn or reinvested per the user’s preferences.

While automation can streamline the trading process, markets remain unpredictable. No system can guarantee profits. Users should monitor performance closely and adjust settings as needed. Caution is advised when trusting any system with hard-earned funds.

Bitcoin Empire’s Trading Modes

Bitcoin Empire offers users a choice between manual and automated trading.

In manual mode, the platform provides tools for analyzing charts, viewing technical indicators and placing buy/sell orders independently. This option allows for direct control over all trading decisions.

Automated mode uses pre-programmed algorithms to place trades on behalf of users per specified parameters such as assets traded, volume, take-profit limits and more. This option runs in the background, in theory freeing up time for users.

The choice between manual and automated trading depends on factors like trading experience, risk tolerance and the desire for control over decision making. Users should familiarize themselves with both modes before committing real capital.

Bitcoin Empire’s Features

Supported Cryptocurrencies

While Bitcoin is in the name, Bitcoin Empire supports trading of numerous cryptocurrencies and digital assets beyond just BTC. Their platform accommodates trading in Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and many others.

Diversity in traded assets gives users more opportunities to capitalize on upside in the highly volatile crypto markets. However, having more choice also requires broader research across assets when configuring automated trading settings or executing manual trades. Users should focus on assets they are knowledgeable about to mitigate risk.

Key Features of Bitcoin Empire

Cross-Device Availability

Bitcoin Empire touts cross-device accessibility as a key feature. Their trading platform and tools can be accessed seamlessly via desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

This provides users with flexibility to monitor and manage trading activity from anywhere, at any time. The availability across devices also allows users to act fast to changes in the volatile crypto markets where price swings can be abrupt and severe.

In my experience testing Bitcoin Empire, the responsiveness and intuitiveness of the interface translated nicely across various devices. This was an advantage compared to other platforms with limited or clunky mobile functionality.

Claimed Win Rate

One of the most heavily marketed capabilities of Bitcoin Empire is a purported win rate north of 80%. However, as an independent platform reviewer, I could not verify this lofty claim.

While high win rates sound compelling to traders seeking profits, such claims should be validated through documented account statements and transparent auditing by reputable third parties. Lack of such verification should raise skepticism.

Traders should focus more on risk management protocols, cautious position sizing and gradual account growth rather than trusting advertised win rates alone when evaluating a trading platform or software. Achievable consistency matters more than unsustainable performance over the long run.

The best choice
✅ Bitcoin Empire is NOT a scam
✅ High Profit Ratio
✅ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
✅ Works also via App
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Bitcoin Empire’s Account Fees

Fee Structure of Bitcoin Empire

As outlined on their website, Bitcoin Empire does not charge any trading commissions, brokerage fees, or any other account, transaction or withdrawal fees. The platform promotes this as a significant advantage compared to competitors.

If accurate, an absence of fees can certainly benefit users in multiple ways. First, it increases net returns on profitable trades. Second, it reduces upfront costs for accessing the platform. And third, it enhances withdrawal flexibility without incurring additional fees.

However, users should be aware of potential spreads, conversion fees for deposits and any fees related to withdrawals charged by the banks, apps or services used to move money onto or off of the platform. These external costs still apply.

Bitcoin Empire’s No-Fee Approach

The lack of trading fees allows active traders to keep more of their gains and mitigate risks associated with high-volume transactions. For example, a $100,000 Bitcoin trade charged 0.5% as a roundtrip transaction fee results in $1,000 of expenses. Without fees, that entire $1,000 is kept in the trader’s account.

Over time, reduced fees can really compound for active cryptocurrency traders who are constantly buying and selling across thousands of transactions. This is a model wise traders should seek when selecting any exchange or trading platform.

However, I always advise traders to consider total costs beyond just advertised fees when evaluating brokers. Account minimums, inactivity fees, deposit/withdrawal charges and asset availability should factor into any decision as well.

Minimum Deposit in Bitcoin Empire

How to Fund Your Account

To get started trading on Bitcoin Empire, users must make an initial deposit of at least $250. Account funding can be conducted via debit/credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallet services (Skrill, Neteller, etc) and potentially other options.

The required $250 minimum is reasonably accessible for serious traders interested in exploring algorithmic and automated crypto trading. However, users should be aware that any invested capital can be lost. As with any trading, users should only risk amounts they are financially comfortable losing and start small.

My suggestion is to deposit the minimum $250 to test the platform’s performance and reliability. Funding an account is quick and straightforward. However, like any investment, proceed with caution before allocating more significant capital until satisfied with Bitcoin Empire’s trading services.

Payment Options in Bitcoin Empire

In testing deposit options on Bitcoin Empire, I was able to swiftly fund my account using a Visa credit card. For those averse to depositing by card, Bitcoin Empire also supports funding by wire transfer.

Unfortunately, I did not observe options to fund accounts by cryptocurrency deposit or e-wallet services, contradicting some claims made online. For now, Bitcoin Empire appears limited to card or wire payments. Having more payment alternatives, including crypto capability, would enhance flexibility and align with the platform’s cryptocurrency focus.

I would suggest Bitcoin Empire prioritize expanding deposit and withdrawal options to catch up with other industry leaders. Streamlining onboarding by accepting cryptocurrency payments and allowing withdrawals to external wallet addresses would be impactful improvements.

The App of Bitcoin Empire

Device Compatibility with Bitcoin Empire

Trading on Different Devices

As a active trader and crypto investor, seamless access across devices is essential for monitoring and managing dynamic market conditions in real-time. Bitcoin Empire delivers on multi-device functionality with responsive design and a streamlined user experience on desktop, mobile and tablet.

During testing, I executed simulated manual trades quickly via smartphone app without encountering any lag or technical problems. The interface was intuitive with logical navigation making it easy to enter and exit positions on the go. For me, versatile device capability is a must-have trading platform feature and a key benefit Bitcoin Empire gets right.

However, connectivity issues can still cause problems, even for reliable platforms. Traders relying on automation should be cautious trading during periods of network delays or disruption to avoid unexpected results. Manual participation may be required to prevent losses when technical problems arise.

User Experience Across Devices

In addition to reliable responsiveness across devices, Bitcoin Empire offers similar design and ease of use on each platform. The simplicity and familiarity was appreciated.

Too often, platforms seem to slap a mobile version as an afterthought with little regard for workflow and practical functionality. Bitcoin Empire avoids this issue by maintaining their desktop site hierarchy and layout on mobile. Navigation remains intuitive making it possible to seamlessly switch from managing the account on a laptop to executing a trade via smartphone with no learning curve.

Trading automation in particular requires consistency across devices to properly monitor and tweak systems. I never felt disconnected from my bots which helped keep my trading and risk management efforts aligned regardless of the device used to access the account.

Legitimacy of Bitcoin Empire

Is Bitcoin Empire a Scam?

Determining legitimacy is crucial before depositing hard-earned money into any investment platform, especially unregulated crypto trading systems. After intensive testing, I did not find any blatant warning signs that Bitcoin Empire employs deceptive practices. However, the lack of regulation and transparency inherent in cryptocurrency markets means users should remain prudent protecting capital.

In my experience, Bitcoin Empire provides users with actual trading functionality as advertised. Account funding and withdrawals worked as expected. I was able to execute manual trades as well as configure and activate automated bots successfully. However, I have not used the platform long enough to opine on long-term profitability or reliability.

As with any trading system, users should start cautiously to get a feel for performance and risk management protocols. Do not invest your entire trading capital upfront. Leave room to pull funds if issues arise. With crypto trading, it’s smart to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Empire

Based on my testing and research, some potential advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin Empire include:


  • Streamlined and intuitive trading interface
  • Responsive cross-device functionality
  • Automated and algorithmic trading options
  • No apparent trading commissions or account fees


  • Lack of transparency and audits around advertised win rates
  • Limited details available on founding team
  • Unverified celebrity endorsements
  • Minimal client reviews and user generated content

As with any trading platform, proceed with caution. Conduct additional due diligence before depositing amounts exceeding your risk tolerance.

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✅ Bitcoin Empire is NOT a scam
✅ High Profit Ratio
✅ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
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Bitcoin Empire’s Customer Support

Availability and Accessibility of Customer Support

Throughout my testing of Bitcoin Empire, one lacking area was customer service access for general platform inquiries and assistance. Upon exploring the site, I was unable to locate contact information for an About page, company directory or Help Center.

The only customer support options I found required opening an account first. This leaves potential new users without easy avenues to get questions addressed about the platform or trading services prior to funding an account. Even a basic contact form on their website for pre-customer questions could go a long way improving client services.

I prefer when investment companies offer visible contact options and customer service insights before requiring account creation. This conveys professionalism and commitment to supporting clients from start to finish. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Empire does not provide this. Opening at least basic communication channels could help attract more users to their platform.

Customer Support for Registered Users

For registered users, Bitcoin Empire provides customer service assistance through a ticketing system within the trading platform. During testing, I submitted a ticket through their portal inquiring about mobile app technical issues.

A representative contacted me via email within 24 hours of submitting my help ticket. They were responsive in resolving my issue and willing to engage in follow-up discussion to ensure the matter was properly addressed. Overall, I was satisfied with the degree of support once a ticket was submitted.

However, direct communication channels like live chat or phone support would enhance the customer service experience even more. Waiting up to 24 hours for email replies may not suffice for time-sensitive trading matters. I would like to see phone and live chat added as contact options.

Using Bitcoin Empire

Funding Your Account

The initial step once registered on Bitcoin Empire is funding your account with fiat currency to begin trading. As referenced earlier, Bitcoin Empire currently accepts Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards as well as wire transfers. Cards remain the quickest and simplest way to deposit and start trading promptly.

To initiate a deposit, log into your account, navigate to the funding section, select your preferred payment method (card or wire), enter the deposit amount (minimum $250), provide relevant card or wire instructions and confirm the transaction. The process takes just a few minutes to complete.

Deposited funds should reflect in your trading account balance swiftly. You can then access the trading markets and open your first positions. Remember to size trades appropriately based on your account balance. Risk only what you can afford to lose as cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile.

Open an account with Bitcoin Empire

Executing Trades

Once your Bitcoin Empire account is funded, you can begin entering trading positions manually or via configured trading bots. The platform provides access to a full suite of technical analysis tools to inform your trading decisions across a variety of digital assets.

The trading screen displays order entry fields, price charts, order history, asset price tickers and more. You simply enter the desired trade details including order type, asset, quantity and price levels to place your buy or sell orders. The platform handles routing and confirming your transactions.

Alternatively, automated trading bots can be programmed to make decisions algorithmically based on predefined strategies. The bot builder feature allows you to customize technical indicators, risk parameters, position sizes and more. Your strategy can then run 24/7 to potentially capitalize on market opportunities faster than manual trading allows.

KYC Verification Process

To activate full account functionality and transaction privileges on Bitcoin Empire, users must complete know-your-customer (KYC) verification to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

The KYC process requires submission of a valid, unexpired government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc) and proof of residence (utility bill, bank statement, etc). Additional details and documentation may also be required in certain cases.

KYC verification normally completes within a few business days after uploading documents through the platform’s compliance portal. Users should ensure to have valid ID and proof of address ready before initiating KYC.

Completing KYC verification unlocks unrestricted deposit, trade volume and withdrawal capacity. Without KYC, accounts remain limited so full compliance is advised. The process is standard across centralized cryptocurrency platforms these days.

Deleting Your Bitcoin Empire Account

How to Delete Your Account

If you try trading on Bitcoin Empire but eventually decide the platform is not right for you, closing your account is straightforward. Simply log into your profile, navigate to the account settings menu, select “Close Account” and confirm again on the following page.

Per their policy, any remaining balance will need to be withdrawn back to your linked payment method prior to account termination processing. This serves to protect client funds from being lost.

Be aware that if you have any open trading positions or pending orders, those would need to be closed before undergoing complete account closure. The platform will prevent account termination until all positions are exited and orders canceled.

As a general practice, be sure to withdraw any remaining funds and auction off fractional coin holdings before initiating account deletion. This ensures you recover all available capital. Once an account is closed, it can be challenging to recoup leftover funds.

Celebrity Endorsements of Bitcoin Empire

Rumors and Reality of Celebrity Endorsements

In researching Bitcoin Empire, you may come across online celebrity gossip about famous billionaires like Elon Musk and business moguls like Grant Cardone endorsing the platform. However, I found no legitimate confirmation that either have publicly supported Bitcoin Empire.

Unsubstantiated celebrity rumors are common tactics for dubious websites to gain attention. Without verified announcements, press releases or disclosure filings confirming a celebrity endorsement relationship, traders should assume no association exists.

As a general best practice, I advise focusing your research on facts around a platform’s features, fees and service capabilities rather than rumors of celebrity-backed status that lack dependable verification. Pay more attention to customer experiences and objective platform details.

Bitcoin Empire’s Founder

The Enigma of Bitcoin Empire’s Founder

Anonymity surrounding founders and key personnel is typical of cryptocurrency companies. Unlike publicly listed companies that are legally required to reveal identifiable directors and executives, crypto firms often keep team details private.

Bitcoin Empire’s founder is similarly mysterious. Other than a stock photo on the website, no proven details are available about the founder’s background, qualifications or track record.

This opacity can raise eyebrows but is generally accepted in the crypto industry provided transparency exists around important factors like fees, security practices, development protocols and customer support responsiveness. Thus far, Bitcoin Empire checks those boxes reasonably well.

As cryptocurrency markets mature, I expect calls for increased transparency about team credentials will grow. For now, some anonymity is tolerated. But users should absolutely consider team transparency as an indicator of credibility as they vet trading platforms and services.

Bitcoin Empire’s Payment Methods

Available Payment Methods

Based on my account funding tests, Bitcoin Empire currently supports Visa and Mastercard credit and debit card deposits. This provides a quick and convenient funding option for users to transfer fiat into their accounts to begin trading.

However, Bitcoin Empire does not appear to allow direct cryptocurrency deposits at this time. The lack of crypto funding capability is disappointing given its positioning as a crypto trading platform. Accepting stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins directly would offer more flexibility and align strategically.

I also could not confirm that Bitcoin Empire facilitates deposits or withdrawals through digital wallets and payment apps like PayPal, Venmo, Skrill, Neteller and more. Additional confirmation and reviews from actual users would be helpful to fully clarify supported payment methods.

Funding Your Account

To fund your Bitcoin Empire account by card to start trading, you will need to enter your full card number, expiration date and CVV security code. Cards can be added under the payments section of your profile.

Once your card is linked, you can navigate to the trading account area to initiate deposits instantly. Deposit minimum is $250 but you can add more at any time. Some card issuers may flag large crypto purchases as suspicious, so funding gradually is recommended.

Immediately after submitting your deposit, the requested amount will deduct from your card. Transaction speeds to credit within your Bitcoin Empire account vary but generally post rapidly within an hour. Once received, you can begin trading across the platform’s suite of assets and tools.

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✅ Bitcoin Empire is NOT a scam
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Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Empire

In summary, Bitcoin Empire provides a trading platform with helpful tools, automation capabilities, and a smooth user experience. For traders interested in algorithmic and bots-driven cryptocurrency trading, Bitcoin Empire offers a clean introduction.

However, as is prudent with any trading system, conduct due diligence beyond just the marketed claims. Ensure sufficient transparency and user feedback exists before trusting significant capital to any platform. Watch for red flags like unverifiable founders, pyramid referral schemes, or lack of customer service responsiveness.

While Bitcoin Empire checks some boxes as a usable trading tool, I would need to see third party audits, established regulatory compliance and proven longevity before endorsing it as a definitively reputable destination for investing life savings. Use caution and start small.

As with any venture into cryptocurrency markets, prepare for turbulence and only allocate disposable income. Bitcoin Empire offers a starting point but expect a learning curve. Study up on technical and fundamental analysis to become a well informed trader. Savvy crypto investors are self-sufficient; relying on any “black box” system alone is a recipe for disappointment.

Overall, enter positions with a plan, keep risk measured, and implement stop losses. Don’t just blindly trust any advertised promises without ongoing verification. Stay vigilant in your due diligence and portfolio management. With the right diligence, Bitcoin Empire can be a springboard into mastering algorithmic crypto trading.

Caution and Recommendations for Potential Users

Here are my core suggestions for those evaluating Bitcoin Empire as a trading option:

  • Start with minimum account funding to test functionality first
  • Rigorously vet customer feedback and complaints
  • Review transparency reports and public audits if available
  • Trade small positions to evaluate performance before increasing
  • Ensure sufficient risk management protocols are in place
  • Watch trading activity closely across both manual and automated modes
  • Maintain diligent portfolio monitoring no matter the platform
  • Continuously verify information presented or advertised to you
  • Treat trading deposits as high-risk capital and expect volatility

Approaching Bitcoin Empire with measured skepticism and prudent risk management will allow you to assess its value to your trading objectives without overextending early. Research thoroughly, fund cautiously, and trade conservatively.


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