Admin Transfer Causes Uproar in Terra Classic Community

Last Updated: August 6, 2023

• Professor Edward Kim withdrew his admin rights to the Commonwealth of Terra Classic community.
• Bilbo Baggins, a prominent blockchain community member, refused to give away his administration rights on the Commonwealth forum despite the voting of proposal #11653.
• Fiery disputes escalated on Twitter between Mr. Baggins and other Terra Classic community members over control of the discussion forum.

Kim Transfers Admin Rights

The Terra Classic community has recently passed proposal #11653. Professor Edward Kim fulfilled the requirements by transferring his administrator rights to L1JTF’s head Vinh Nguyen. However, another prominent blockchain community member, Bilbo Baggins, was voted out of the administration panel almost unanimously by the Terra community and took to Twitter to protest the move.

Baggins Refuses To Give Up Admin Rights

Abiding by the voting of proposal #11653, Bilbo Baggins should turn down his administration rights on the Commonwealth forum. However, he refused to give away his admin rights and argued that he created the discussion forum and compared it to giving away his Twitter account: “So if I get a governance prop passed to take over your Twitter account, you have to give it to me, right?”

Fiery Disputes On Twitter

Other Terra Classic community members were unsatisfied with Baggins’ conduct and pointed out that the Commonwealth Forum was created to help the community. In response, Baggins uttered: “Go right ahead and create a new one. No one’s stopping anyone from doing that.” This ledto further discussions amongst other users on Twiter regarding who should control this crucial discussion space for community members.

Uproar Within The Community

The uproar within this online cryptocurrency commnunity caused many users to voice their opinions via social media platforms such as Twitter in order for them to be heard and understood by those who had more power within this space – Mr. Baggins & Professor Kim being two major names involved in this situation due their previously held administrative roles within this space prior its transferral over to L1JTF’s head Vinh Nguyen..


In conclusion, there was an uproar among some members of Terra Luna classic (LUNC) after proposal #11653 passed which caused Professor Edward Kim & Bilbo Baggin’s admin roles in relation ot this space being transferred over ti L1JTF’s leader Vinhn Nguyen- leading t further discussions taking place all across social media platforms such as Twitter .


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